A Sunny Sunday and Using Up Leftovers

No lie-in allowed this morning!  Last night’s weather forecast promised us we’d lose the sunshine in the afternoon and the beach was calling.  We were there by nine o’clock, bright sun, an incoming tide and a stiffish breeze. Very bracing.  Only two other cars in the lane ( the beauty of our favourite beach is that there is no car park, no tearoom!) so once we came over the top of the dune the beach was nearly deserted.  Higgins is now reliable enough to run off the lead, although he really misses having someone young enough to run with him. 

Considering his reluctance to set foot outside when it’s raining and puddly he’s quite intrepid when it comes to the interesting pools forming as the tide raced in…

He hasn’t quite found a deep enough bit to actually have to swim yet so I hope I have the camera to hand when he does.

While Higgins sleeps off all that exercise I’m sorting out my leftover yarn. 

I have a bit of an obsessive thing about winding wool.  I have a lovely gadget for doing the big balls, but these little bits get wound very carefully by hand so they look pretty.  (Yes, OK!  I know it’s weird but it makes me happy…)

And it’s something to do while I decide what I else I can make.

I’ve lost my diary.  It’s slim, anonymous, dark blue.  Perfect for slipping in between books and magazines and losing forever.  Well at least long enough to be madly inconvenient.  So I decided to get something more substantial,  an academic one so I can start it now.

But it’s not really me, is it?  But, with a little application of brightly coloured yarn it can be made much harder to lose…

Although Tim has pointed out that I’m going to lose it as soon as I put it down on the blanket….

I’m also suffering from rapidly cooling coffee, but not any more…

… there are STILL bits of wool left, but I have a plan!  Bunting! Well, everyone  loves bunting.  In fact, it would be quite nice to think of a new slant on bunting….


I’m very happy with the pompoms…and I still love all those colours.  I also have lots of cushions just waiting for covers…and a new sofa which needs cushions.

Which is why I went back to the market on Friday…

…for fresh supplies!

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About penny

I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

19 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday and Using Up Leftovers

  1. Maria

    Love Higgins…bless him….love walking our dog on the beach too, they always look so happy! The pom pom bunting is really great, really effective..I don’t tend to lose my diary, but couldn’t live without it for long…look forward to seeing more of your makes….

  2. teje karjalainen

    Higgins is so lovely and sweet on the beach! For me it’s not weird at all to be happy about pritty colourful yarn and especially about all that new yarn just waiting you to start!
    Pompoms are great and just a perfect idea for many places! Thank you for lovely post! Teje and Nero

  3. Penelope

    Oh WOW, you really have been busy! Such happiness from all those colourful yarns. I love your diary cover, it’s given me a good idea for an Xmas pressie and those pom poms are little explosions of happiness. Thanks for sharing, lots of love Penny xox

  4. Toffeeapple

    What a colourful, happy post. The pompoms look so good with the bunting and I love the way you set out all your little balls of yarn. I love winding yarn too, I feel calm when doing it.

  5. Jane

    Oh pompoms!
    They always remind my of my cat Eliot (no longer with us). I once spent three hours making a stupendous pompom for her to play with.She tore it apart in less than 10 minutes….but she was happy doing it!!
    I hope I didn’t just give Higgins any ideas!

  6. Geraldine

    As always , LOVELY , LOVELY wooly* photos !
    Your School Diary is a lot more grownup and chic than mine . I waited too long this year and missed the best , so have ended up with one with gold twinkly geisha dolls and hearts all over . So impressive at meetings .
    ( * wooly in a good way , of course )

  7. vanessa

    The pompom bunting looks wonderful! What a brilliant idea for using up left-over yarn. Douglas like wading in puddles and a little bit into the sea, I always find it so endearing. You’ve been hooked by the crochet blanket Penny! They’re such a wonderful large canvas to work on aren’t they. Kiss to Higgins, on both ears.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  8. Kate

    How happy I am to have stumbled across your gorgeous blog. I can’t stop staring at your rainbow balls of yarn. I think I need to forget all that I had planned for this afternoon and wind some wool. Hmmmm heaven.

  9. Sue

    What a lovely blog you have here! I’ve found you via Do You Mind If I Knit and I like what I see. Very much. Your blanket is super and I love all the things you have done with the leftover yarn. And Higgins is sooo scrumptious with his ears flapping about -happy dog :o)

    Sue x

  10. Maggie

    I came for a peek after reading Vanessa’s blog and seeing your pompoms, lovely photos, lovely blog, so enjoyed it. I smiled when I saw your new supplies… of Stylecraft by any chance, seeing as I have most of those colours too, on my shelves… meadow is a lovely green, especially when paired with wisteria!
    And I live in NW Norfolk,so guess you are not that far away….?

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