Fair Isle…with added mud!

…and it’s not  the Flanders and Swan version either!  Most of the country has had appalling weather, with wind and rain over the last few days so I’m not asking for extra special sympathy about that, honestly.  And it is November, and we’re having November type weather.  But it does make it tricky when you have a little dog with a 4 inch inside leg measurement.  When we went out for a walk this morning I had to carry Higgins for the first hundred yards until we were past the flood water.  And even though he was wearing his cosy coat, he kept stopping and glaring at me. I’m pretty sure he was saying ‘you must be JOKING!’

However we had to get the walk out of the way so I could be sure he would settle down while I went into Norwich for yet another date with the optician.  You may remember I’ve been having a few problems which I thought had been resolved by a little op back in the summer, but just lately I’ve been a bit worried by a fogginess in the ‘operated on’ eye.  Anyway, I’ve happily been reassured that it’s nothing scary,  it’s a bothersome floater – I’m sort of imaging a jellyfish sort of thing -and  it will most probably clear up eventually. Apart from that, I can read the ‘show offs’ line in the sight chart so all is well.

So not having to fork out vast sums for new specs meant I just had to pop into ‘Imeldas’ shoe shop just to see, just to check  whether the new style ‘Fitflop’ boots might possibly fit.  And I sensibly enquired about the sensible black leather ones which can be polished.  But, Oh dear, they didn’t have my size, and just HAD to try on the purple suede version.  And Goodness ME! they fitted, and were very comfy…So what’s a girl to do?  You have to have warm footwear in the winter.

Trouble is, they look like this…

And our roads are like this…

So really, I end up wearing these a lot of the time…

And you might just be interested to know that the reason the roads are in that state is because huge lorries have been driving up and down dumping this…

Which my farming neighbour breezily refers to as ‘Human Cake’ .  Hmm…nice…. So that explains the smell, oh dear!

However,  my post today was going to be about cushions and knitting and pretty things, so, with a clothes peg fixed firmly on my nose I will reveal the fifth in my set of six cushions to match my big blanket.  It’s fair isle again, and a simple pattern.  What took the time was constantly having to make colour decisions because of having 17 different balls of yarn.

Fair Isle Sample - Kaffe Fassett pattern

Fair Isle cushion - Kaffe Fassett stitch pattern

Fair Isle and crochet cushions

I think it’s worked, it’s making me happy.  There’s just one more to go now.  It’s crochet and it’s nearly done.  I’m off out tonight to watch my daughter performing with the Theatre Royal Drama Group and I can’t really take my 17 balls of yarn along so it won’t get finished tonight!

Hope the mud is not too deep where ever you are! x

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About penny

I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

15 thoughts on “Fair Isle…with added mud!

  1. Magic Cochin

    Love those boots! I wouldn’t have resisted either.

    Blimey, that’s proper Norfolk mud boy! Or clag? no, too runny for clag, more like slub. I’m a fen girl and we have lots of words for mud 😉

    I can see Higgins point of view – getting ones tummy (or smart red fleece) “all bawmed up” (another fen expression for you) is no joke!

    Those boots would look so cool with a sequinny party frock.

  2. Crochet with Raymond

    Oh Wow Penny!!! I Loooooooooooooooove the latest cushion! I love them all, but the pattern on this one kind of dances when I look at it! I am soooooo inpressed with your skills!
    Poor Higgins, I know that “you’ve got to be joking” look animals give! Especially poor him with his tummy so close to the mud, I wonder what it is like to walk a mile in his shoes?!
    Have a lovely week and dont worry, the smell will disperse soon!!!!!

  3. rachel

    Of course you had to have those purple suede boots! What else would you wear indoors, if you’re in wellies most of the time outside?

    I’ve just brought the short-legged one’s thermal coat out for the first time this season – our roads aren’t like yours, thankfully, but being 4″ off the ground seems to have the same effect on a dog’s undercarriage, regardless.

  4. Carol

    I’m with Higgins, weather recently hasn’t been fit to let a dog out!
    I know exactly how you are feeling re your lovely boots, I got some new walking boots last Christmas but they are light coloured so I have been waiting for cold but perfectly dry weather, hence they are still in their box and the old ones are still in service.
    I love your Fair Isle cushion cover, beautiful colourful display.
    Carol xx

  5. Penny

    Your cushion is stunning Penny, wow how much time that must have taken? The collection is looking ever so bright and happy together. You can’t let all that mud and human cake let you down when you have colours like that around you. Delicious is a word that comes to mind (not the cake!! just the colours)
    ps. I got my green gate goodies from a shop in Tenterton, pretty Kent village on sussex/kent border. I have seen green gate goodies available via numerous internet shops and I am sure if you google it someting helpful should appear. Unfortunately my dish cloth and 1 spoon is a pressie for a friend’s up and coming b.day so i drooled for a while then wrapped it up 🙁

    I have started my christmas crochet garland from your pattern and LOVE it, watch this space for a post about it soon xox lots of love P xxx

  6. Teje

    Oooh what a wonderful cushion you have made! You made me think about making something like that!
    Iiiik what a road! And you had so lovely boots! Come to visit me TOMORROW to get some sun!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  7. Gina

    I do sympathise with Higgins and the mud (fortunately fo us labradors have long legs although Barley’s tummy still seems to get muddy).
    I love all the colour in your blankets and cushions!

  8. Toffeeapple

    What a lot of mud! I don’t envy Higgins in that, poor mite.

    Those boots are the perfect colour for you so you had to have them

    Aren’t your cushion covers glorious? They look so good with the blanket and their colours made me so happy.

  9. Bobo Bun

    Certainly won’t be tripping along in dainty shoes in that slurry. Short dogs – who can blame them for not being impressed with our country lanes. Our Alfie hides some mornings at the top of the stairs looking at Mr B with a look that says you’re on your own mate. He still gets dragged out for a two mile run.

    Loving your fairisle Penny. I might need to pick your brain about tension and whatnots if you don’t mind next week. That’s in the hope that we see you.

    Lisa x

  10. Swedish House

    Hello PENNY!
    Thank you for your lovely comments…
    It is nice to know that the poem spoke to you like it did too me…
    You are a very talented lady and look forward to getting to know you and your lovely blog even more.
    Nice *to meet you*.
    Your fairisle cushions is absolutely beautifully stunning and the hours of work!!!
    Your White christmas crochet bunting is on my list…i’m itching to start…I have a day travellling back home to London from Sweden on Sunday, so guess i’ll be hooking on the bus/train/plane lol!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  11. Siobhan

    Mud is fun sometimes when you’ve got the right footwear on! But you wouldn’t want to be messing your nice boots up. Hurray for welly boots! Your cushions are all beautiful. I am loving your new fair isle one. I have bought a book about colour knitting to encourage me but it all looks just a bit scary! It looks so good though, I’ve got to have a go. The colours in yours look amazing – the patterns really bring them out.

  12. Rachel J Fenton

    The red really zings the pattern into life on that one and makes all the colours sing – really lovely collection. Can’t wait to see the crocheted one – my attempts at bunting, btw, are looking rather pathetic. Must read the tutorial again!

  13. vanessa

    Your fair isle is just gorgeous Penny, what a splendid sofa, it must be heaven to sink into all that colour! I know what you mean about wondering whether to give in to the christmas business, luckily I don’t have to think about it this year, we’re spending christmas with my sister! Woo-hoo! To be able to be hosted is fantastic! Good luck with all your preparations, I’m sure Higgins will give you a helping paw. Love Vanessa xxx

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