Trotting along briskly…

…to catch up!  So much has been going on lately that it’s been hard to find a minute to stop off for a chat.  Added to which, the light has been lousy as far as photography goes.  We haven’t had a lot of snow in Norfolk, just bitter winds, hard frost and  grey skies.  I know how inconvenient and downright scary all those great dumps of snow have been for lots of you up and down the country, but the ten-year-old in me did hanker after a couple of days of winter wonderland, a snowman and a few snowballs!  And you’ll be pleased to know I did stop moaning about the mud once everything was frozen solid!

I would have liked to have joined in the Advent countdown theme which lots of bloggers are doing, but never mind,  I will share with you my grown up Advent calendar made for me by my dear daughter-in-law.  I was so touched when I received it. I think  because I’ve always made things other people are maybe a bit hesitant to make things for me so something hand-made especially with me in mind is always a treasure.  Especially from Celia, who is inexplicably convinced she’s not crafty, and I know she is!  And she’s just proved it…

So far I have found an exquisite little seashell, pearlescent and pink, a mermaid’s fingernail? Origami stars, some miniature press studs, a  Christmas stocking drawn by four-year-old Benjy, and a Fruitella sweetie which I’m probably going to pop in my mouth at any moment!  It’s going to part of my Christmas for many years to come (minus the edible bits of course!)

The Christmas Fair at our Village Hall went off nicely yesterday, and the Knit and Stitch Stall was laden with lovely things. 

 We did have that horrendous pricing issue of course. Hands up all you makers who know exactly what I mean.  Some of us were hoping to sell our things at a reasonably realistic price given materials and time and make a donation to the Hall funds.  Others were happy to sell things for whatever price they could to make funds for the hall and not take things home again.  Both perfectly laudable intentions, but very hard to marry up at the same venue when people were bringing beautiful things which obviously took hours to make in lovely fabrics but wanted to sell them for £1.50, making everything else look very expensive.   It’s so hard, I feel it undervalues the time people put into things, and it also means that all the craftspeople out there trying to make a living are somehow expected to count the enjoyment they have from their craft as part of the reward for their efforts, and to charge low prices to reflect this. 

This discussion has been going on for ages so I’m not expecting to solve it here, but every now and then I have a little rant!  I’ll stop now…and we did make enough for a good donation for the hall!

I’ve been making more robins, teeny weeny ones, this time. 

I’m putting them in the Folksy shop very, very soon.  I’ve also got a jar of felt beads which have been accumulating over the weeks waiting for me to turn them into jewelery, I’ll show you those next time…

We have a new furry friend! It’s Clovis,  the French Cat. Well, Norman Cat really I suppose…Le Chat Normand? 

Clovis has trailed behind his migrating family because of jabs and rules and regulations, and although he’s got as far as the UK he has to wait until a house has been found where he can join them.  (Landlord’s rules and regulations this time.)  In the meantime he’s found a comfortable post as a Lady’s Companion, aka my Mama. 

My Mother has been petless for quite a while, and as her mobility has decreased she has resisted the family suggestions of a kitten to keep her company.  Higgins make regular visits to keep her amused but is far too demanding to stay with her without his retinue of staff in attendance.  So a plot was hatched to give her some daily amusement, and Clovis a mission in life, as an entertainer.

He burst from his travelling box and went into full cute mode, a blur of activity…

Higgins has no idea about the competition yet.  It didn’t seem fair on Clovis to present him with a small dog  at this stage of settling in, especially one with a cold nose….

TEENY TINY ROBINS ARE NOW LISTED ON FOLKSY…see link at the top of the page

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I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

10 thoughts on “Trotting along briskly…

  1. Magic Cochin

    Looks like Clovis is an entertaining companion – lovely for your Mum in the cold dark weeks of winter. What a grand cat he is – with that thick fluffy under-tummy.

    I too feel short-changed after the ‘big snow’ was more like ‘what snow’ here in SW Suffolk.

    Sigh… it’s a dilemma with Christmas Markets/Craft Fairs, so many people at the local events are selling at very low prices – “it’s my hobby, happy to give them away”. Torn between sticking with the galleries and ‘professional’ Art Fairs and trying to reach a larger audience with no commission or high pitch-fee. Opted for a foot in both camps.

    Ho-hum… stick to your guns Penny!


  2. Penelope

    Hello Penny,

    Really pleased your fair went well and I can well appreciate the pricing dilemma, and that it can be an on-going debate between head and heart sometimes.
    As for your Advent calendar, how clever is Celia! She certainly has been underestimating her craftiness, I hope each day brings a little smile and joy with what you find in the boxes xox There is nothing more beautiful and thoughtfull a gift when it has come from loved ones with you in mind ;0)

    Clovis is heavenly and I hope mr. raymond’s nose is nottoo put our of joint wth the new addition to your family xox Keep warm and well x P

  3. Celia (the other one)

    Dear Penny,

    Thank you so much for presenting my calendar! I feel very special being featured on Planet Penny! I really enjoyed making it and I’m so pleased you like it. Unfortunately I cannot take the credit for coming up with the idea which I got from:
    Love the robins, I might have to place another order!

    Love to all and a very happy Christmas too,


  4. Toffeeapple

    What a lovely Advent Calendar, Celia is certainly a clever crafter.

    I like the action shots of Clovis – what fun he must be, I hope he won’t tire your Mother.

  5. Crochet with Raymond

    Oh dear! It seems that Raymond has some competition in the blog world! Clovis is sooooo attractive and I loved the playing shots! he looks like a lot of fun!
    your little robins are just the sweetest I hope they sell extra fast!
    Its a bit of a pain when people sell things so cheaply I agree…. theres not really a solution for it I suppose, but a total pain when you’re trying to make a living from something that brings you joy!
    Penny, may you make a living from what brings you joy!XXXXX

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