Telling ‘Tails’! – The Dachshund Creed

The Miniature Dachshund Creed

1. If it’s in my mouth, it’s mine!
2. If I like it, it’s mine!
3. If I can take it from you, it’s mine!
4. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine!
5. If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way!
6. If I’m chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it looks like mine, it’s mine!
8. If I saw it first, it’s mine!
9. If you are playing with something and put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If it’s in the same house I’m in, it’s mine!
11. If it’s broken, it’s yours!

Now, here’s a little reminder of the Higgins appeal…

miniature dachshund puppy

…the laid back attitude…

dachshund puppy in the sun

…and inquiring mind…

The enquiring mind which led a little nose to poke into the pocket of the jacket I had hung over the back of a chair – well there could have been dog biscuits – and find…my gloves…these fingerless gloves..

fingerless mitts

Pretty, aren’t they? Well, they were…

Not now, however…


Then there were the cushions. Cushions which were admired in this picture…

Where the damage to the covers doesn’t show.  I had a set of these, very cheap, I couldn’t have made them for the price, but pretty.  And right from when he was very young Higgins would first suck, then late chew the corners when no-one was looking.  When I thought he’d grown out of this baby habit, I remade the covers. Huh…who was I kidding.

There’s just one left now, it’s Higgins very own cushion.

I expect it will become very boring now, very quickly!

Still I though he could redeem himself by helping with the draw for the 150th Blog Post prize.  I thought he could use this hat…remember this hat?

hand made felt hat

The way he did last year when he drew the winning ticket for That Elusive Line.

But no.  When I walked in the door holding the hat in my hand he released the springs in his bottom and BOING! BOING! BOING! all he wanted to do was to chew it to bits.  I had all the tickets printed and ready…

and I did try make the tickets more interesting than the pink fluffy felt but it took two of us to corner him to get the hat back.

In the end, once the hat had been forgotten, I invented an extremely exciting (for a dachshund) game with little bits of paper until he suddenly picked one up and ran with it. Result!

So one lucky person is about to absolve Higgins from absolutely all the above charges.  (Although I do get the feeling that all you out there are mostly on his side anyway!)

And who is that lucky person? Well, Alice, and your artistic director Raymond,it’s you! Congratulations!  It’s lovely to think that a little piece of Norfolk will be winging it’s way to New Zealand.

needlefelt Christmas decoration

I do hope you like it x

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About penny

I live in Norfolk, England in a cottage on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where it can be peaceful and beautiful, or wet and muddy, or occasionally wild and windswept. With me is husband Tim, Henry the elderly and opinionated tabby cat, and Higgins, the miniature dachshund with a massive personality. You’ll find me chattering on about wool and textiles, knitting and crochet, recipes, books and patterns, exhibitions and shopping and of course, the adventures of a small dog! Planet Penny has a Facebook Page, you can find me on UK Handmade and I am featured on Channel4/4Homes Favourite Craft Blog List.

20 thoughts on “Telling ‘Tails’! – The Dachshund Creed

  1. Penelope

    Hooray for Alice and Raymond! Penny, this post made me laugh so much, I love Higgins’s creed, he is so heavenly, such cute photo’s too xox Sorry about those gorgeous fingerless gloves…. Higgins is giving you another excuse to buy moe yarn! xxxP

  2. Rachel

    I LOVED that cushion! Higgins, how could you!?

    Well done Alice and Raymond! My brothers called me Raymond for years, which was odd, but that’s beside the point…

  3. Magic Cochin

    Lucky Alice (and Raymond – who I’m sure will look and not touch the pretty bauble)

    As for Higgins… I’m shocked!

    But the ‘The Miniature Dachshund Creed’ made me laugh out loud.


  4. Toffeeapple

    How exciting to think of that bauble being on a Christmas tree in NZ.

    I know it was wrong of me, but Higgins has made me laugh aloud, bless him; though I’m sorry he ate your mittens.

  5. vanessa

    Oh Penny! Oh dear Higgins, you’re sailing close to the wind my dear little chap, destroying mummy’s hand knitted mittens was not a good move, tactically speaking. I’m now just praying you don’t have a go at her beautiful fair isle and crochet. Isn’t it amazing how high teeny tiny dachsies can jump! Lovely post Penny, and Alice will love her prize to bits. Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Crochet with Raymond

    Pennnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just got back from holiday and found your comment and I am sooooo happy!!! I wanted to win your ornament SO badly, more than ANY other other giveaway i have ever entered! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much I can’t wait to have a piece of your beautiful art hanging in my home!
    I’ll e-mail you mt address as soon asI find your address!

  7. Carol

    Congratulations Alice (and slinky Raymond).
    Seems quite a reasonable Creed you have put together Higgins, after all a dog has to do what a dog has to do.
    Looks like you were off guard duty one day and some other bad dog snook in and destroyed some gloves, obviously not a refined characer like your good self.
    I’m sorry you didn’t draw my name for the lovely bauble but when I look at the cute little face, well, could forgive you anything.
    Carol xx

  8. Nanita

    Hello Penny, I’ve just discovered your blog through Alice’s, I really Love your colourful artwork, and my, I fell in love with Higgins! :)) Greets from Belgium!

  9. melissa

    there’s NOTHING in the world so sweet like a mini-doxi! Oh i remember those days when mine was in the chewy baby stage. I kinda miss it. Now she’s rather middle aged at 8 years old, but will still give her queeky-baby a round or two. she’s a red-smoothie. I so want a black and tan!!

  10. kateuk

    mmm, I’m thinking twice about my urge for a miniature Dachshund.Hamsters can wreak havoc with all things knitted and embroidered too,never leave anything within reach of their little hands as they just pull it towards the cage and CHEW…..

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