A Snowy Handmade Monday

If my Silent Sunday photo was the day before, this was what those clouds were heralding…

(and if you look closely you can see someone has made a little bow wave!)

Funnily enough, after the early morning excitement, Higgins was NOT very enthusiastic about a walk later on in the day…

But he soon got into the swing of things…

…and definitely appreciated the coat in the end!

So there’s been a good excuse to linger indoors and do a bit more crochet.  I had a lovely book for Christmas which is full of inspiring things to make…

…and had some fun with these…

and in the spirit of re-using containers, and as excuse to use this fab ribbon…

I gave a tin of Heinz Tomato Soup a whole new lease of life!

I started on a little something for Valentines Day…

…and if you’d like a pattern I’ll be putting one on soon.

 I’d also like to share some other little handmade lovelies which although are designed for Easter, are much to pretty to hide away. One of the wonderful things about the blogging/making world is the new friends you make.  People you would never otherwise have met.   I had lunch with one of these friends last week, a couple of hours of frantic chatter, comparing notes and trying to fit everything in!  Gabriella and I both had stalls at the Pick’n’Mix Market last year, run by another blogging/maker friend Lisa of Bobobun, you might remember this photo of the Moobaacluck Stall.   So I was so thrilled by this present from Gabs…

I don’t think I have enough handles in the house!

So now it’s time to join in with Wendy’s Handmade Monday over on 1st Unique gifts, where you’ll find all sorts of yummy things going on!  It’s well worth a visit!

See you soon xx

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31 thoughts on “A Snowy Handmade Monday

  1. Jill

    You certainly have had a great crafting week. The tins and jar covers look lovely. Higgins certainly seems to enjoy his snow time. Your pressie from Gabs looks so nice. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Crochet with Raymond

    your stuff collection is looking quite fabulous! Love your babushkas and the new jar cover-er!
    Wow that snow looks freezing! We’re having a bit of a cold snap here and I’m relieved!
    Have a wonderful day XXX

  3. Stocki

    Awww. sweet little Higgins… you should sell that group of photos of him in his red jacket as a Christmas card next year! I love those Babushkas! Hooray for snow :)x

  4. Handbags by Helen

    Wow, you’ve been busy! It’s all so bright and cheery – just what’s needed on a grey wintery day. The ribbon is fab.

  5. adaliza

    Love the Higgins photos! Aren’t those little dollies just so addictive? I love making them – that book is brilliant. Enjoy all your snow!

  6. Annie

    These crochet covered cans seem to be popping up all over the place just now, but a can with dachshund, dare I suggest Higgins ribbon, has to be the best of them all 😀

    Bless his little paws playing in that snow. We haven’t had a flake here!

  7. Martha

    love your crochet book and the collection of coloured crochet hooks in a funky box! so nice to look at!
    the egg hanging decorations are lovely too, you have just made me wanna start making some easter stuff! 🙂

  8. Caroline

    Higgins looks so neat in his coast and must admit Shiloh was quite impressed with the snow to the extent think he was trying to clear it for us by eating, yuk!

    Love your creations this week and you have been so busy, roll on Easter and better weather.

  9. mcrafts

    You have been busy! Loving the pics of Higgins.We haven’t got snow – just very cold here. Like the idea for the container for the crochet hooks and may copy that as I usually have to scrapple around when looking for mine! Like the heart too – your pattern has a nice point on it so would like to try it Mich x

  10. Jam Dalory

    The photo’s of Higgins look fantastic and I love the tin and jar covers, I have a few empty jars that need a new lease of life, these covers are just the thing. x

  11. Stocki

    Hello again Penny… Just popping back to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it…and the rules! :)x

  12. Dee

    Higgins looks great in his coat! He seemed to enjoy it when he got out there!
    Lovely colours for your crochet and such a wide use, you have been busy! Love the little doll people. x

  13. Susie

    I bet those little short legged dogs do get chilly bellies! Lucky he has a jacket. And I do love the jar and can cozies. Since I’m (still!) in the process of organizing the craft room that’s so appealing to me.
    And what fun to sit and chat with some blogging friends! I can’t think of many things that would be more fun!

  14. Penelope

    Aaawww Little Higgy in his red coat, what a looker he is Penny! I love his reluctant to go out photo too x As for all your colourful crochet makes, wowee you have been busy. Your Russian ladies havecome out a treat. I too was given that book for Christmas and wasn’t sure if I would have the patience to crochet such fiddly dolls…maybe when I’m not feeling impatient one day :0)
    Your hearts are beautiful Penny and somehow have reminded me of your bunting pattern that I made (which is still up in my front window by the way!), I look forward to the pattern as some hearts will not go amiss here for next week xox Hope it’s not too slushy over the next few days when you go out on your walks xxx

  15. Ali - Ali's Craft Studio

    I loved those crochet jar & tin covers (pity I can’t crochet, knit or do anything involving yarn or thread of any description!!)

    How cute does Higgins look in his coat in the snow – absolutely adorable!!

    A great read.

    Ali x

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