New Crochet Bunting for Handmade Monday

There’s been a lot of weather about this week!  Anyway, moments like this when you’re out for a walk make it worthwhile, even when it’s below freezing point.  And no apologies for sharing another snowdrop picture, I’m getting a little obsessed by seeing things from a miniature dachshund’s viewpoint!

I’ve been happy and relieved that this week at our monthly Knit and Stitch meeting  the little heart pattern was tested out by a relatively new crochet-er, and it worked !  (Bearing in mind I might have been crocheting for a while, but I’m a novice pattern writer!) Not only that, but having cracked the pattern, Carol went on to reinterpret the heart with crochet wire and beads, which is so pretty…

They look huge here, but they’re not much bigger than a 10p piece, delicate crochet jewellery.

My latest rainbow creation from my gorgeous cotton yarn basket is a new version of  crochet bunting.  I know the white Christmas Bunting is very popular but there’s been a lot of white around just lately, and I needed an antidote!

I’ll be posting the pattern in Tutorials very soon.

Which brings me to the fireplace.  And the hearth rug.  the scene of many a power struggle amongst the four legged members of the family.  On the one side is Henry, who has been here for getting on for 17 years, who isn’t in the best of health, but who know exactly what is due to a senior citizen  and is quite prepared to use all his ‘Grumpy Old Man ‘ tactics to make sure he gets his way.  And on the other side is Higgins, who is absolutely sure that everything is all about him…

Today my sister arrived with a special present just for Henry, and I rather knew it was going to cause trouble…

A beautiful rag rug, exactly what a old and bony pussy cat needs…

um…hang on…

…that’s better…

But when a little chat about ‘sharing’ fell on deaf ears…

Higgins retired to the sofa…

Hang on, can’t you see him?

It’s a dog’s life…

But enough of all that.  It’s Handmade Monday again, and it’s time to visit the lovely Wendy over on 1st Unique Gifts and find out what everyone else has been creating this week.

Next week I’m hoping to share a new idea with you, one you might just want to join in with…

In the meantime, see you soon! xx


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31 thoughts on “New Crochet Bunting for Handmade Monday

  1. Jill

    Cats and dogs sharing? Oh, I wish. I can’t even get two cats to share. I love your rag rug and the bunting is very pretty. Hope you have a good week

  2. Toffeeapple

    Is it a trick of the light or is Henry bigger than Higgins?

    The crochet wire is interesting, I am assuming that it is very flexible. Your new bunting is very pretty Penny.

  3. Stephanie

    So much joy in this post! Your dog and cat are DELICIOUS! 🙂

    You are so right about us needing a splash of cheerful colours to help us through the snow spell. And this is coming from a snow lover.

    Your crochet bunting is absolutely adorable.

    Sigh of pleasure coming from France…


  4. adaliza

    Love the animals – Higgins looks very squashable when dozing! I love dozy animals – ours get quite grumpy when I approach with kissy intent, especially if they’re flat out! I think that bunting is brilliant – especially love the tassels – looks sort of seasidey, summery, beach hutty & cheerie!

  5. Caroline

    Animals they have a way of ensuring they get the best place, love the rug and all your makes you have been busy

  6. Marigold and the Goatmother

    Oh, love those colors – especially the one that is sort of turquoise with the green edging! Reminds me of the ocean! And so cute with the buttons to join them! That rug is pretty awesome, so I can see why Higgins felt it should be his, or shared at the very least. 🙂

  7. wendy

    I love the way you use colours. That’s the most appealing thing about all the brilliant crochet goodies – they are SO eye-catching I want to dive right in and roll around in it all.

    As for the four-legged wonders…they are just fabulous – as always.

  8. Micro G

    I’m in blogging heaven! Colourful photos of lovely handmade items, gorgeous pets, what more could I ask for!? Thank you for your cheerful post Penny.

  9. Penelope

    Higgins is slowly becoming one of my guilty pleasures, I did laugh out loud at this post Penny. He is a real little minx trying to make his mark on Henry’s new rug(which is lovely by the way)! and then resigning himself to other snuggly places to doze off…

    Your mantle piece is looking like a rainbow of happiness Penny. The bunting is so cheery and a perfect pick-me-up for early February. I have this next week off and am oh so praying that it will be sunshine and blue skies xox Have a fab week and look forward to your tuts and next post.
    ps. Do you know here to buy the crochet wire from? I think this is a heavenly idea indeed x

  10. Every Girl's Story

    Just what we need in the dreariness that is february – a real shot of colour! I’m crap at crochet but I’d be tempted to give those triangles a go when you do a tutorial.

    That rug looks very cushy indeed, no doubt more battles for supremacy will follow! Love the name Higgins for a dog.

  11. Jenny

    Gorgeous bunting!! I just love your colourful crochet bits on the fireplace – just the ticket to brighten up these dull days. We LOVE Henry & Higgins too xx

  12. RosMadeMe

    I love the way that the crocheted bunting really lifts the room, it is delightful.

    Isn’t it fantastic when someone uses your pattern and it works beautifully? Well done 🙂

  13. Pickle-Lily

    Love all the bright colours! The wirework heart is beautiful and as for the photo of a sleeping doggie!
    Jo x

  14. Jenna

    I love the colourful bunting! Thanks for sharing the picture of the wire heart with us. I’ve just started to crochet with wire so it’s given me something to work towards.

  15. Susie

    That little heart makes me want to take up crochet, but of course, until I make the sheep (knitting) I can’t take up anything else!
    Everything looks so cozy at your house. We’ve had some awfully chilly weather (for us) I think I’m going to come snuggle up on that rug at your house! 🙂

  16. Annie

    I have a dachshund on the sofa next to me snuggled up like that, Tolly, who has, can you believe it, a black eye! Poor poppet, I’d put a steak on it for him but he’d probably eat it! Perhaps he’ll look where he’s going next time!

    Love the bunting 😀

  17. With U in Mind

    Aww I love the animal photo shares! Nice to see dog and cat can live in harmony (anyone know if rabbit and cat can? Mine can’t)

    The colours you have used in the bunting are stunning!

  18. Deborah

    What beautiful bright colours, just perfect for cheering me up on a cold and grey day. And the bunting is inspired with gorgeous colours x

  19. Butterfly Blossom

    Oh Penny I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing the gorgeous little Higgins! I’m afraid your crafting is lost on me because I can’t take my eyes off the gorgeous little fella!! However, I do love all of the handmade items on your fireplace, it looks like a fun and funky fireplace! xXx

  20. Jam Dalory

    I’m beginning to think Higgins should have his own blog, he’s got so much character about him! I love the wire heart with the beads, it does look quite big in the picture but I bet it would look great on a silver necklace. The crochet bunting is great, its so colourful just what we need at this time of year. x

  21. penny Post author

    I totally agree that Higgins needs his own blog, but I haven’t managed to persuade him to get on the keyboard and write it himself! P x

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