Yarn Projects Galore!

I hate to complain, but if we have all the worry and inconvenience of a drought and a hose pipe ban to look forward to, can’t we do it with a bit of sunshine?  It’s been sooo gloomy over the past few days, real ‘Tupperware box‘ weather.

Spring is trying hard though.  Driving over the weekend the sight of the Blackthorn blossom frothing in the sunnier roadside spots lifted my heart but it hasn’t quite got going in this part of Norfolk yet.  I took the camera out dog walking yesterday to capture the first opening buds…

…of course, it also brought the crop sprayer out, rather a worrying fluorescent green that spray!

I’m trying to keep it cheerful on Planet Penny though.  This week  the latest Mollie Makes landed on the door step with several useful projects for Cotton Club crocheters!

The free gift on the front was a crochet flower brooch, very pretty, but if you buy a copy be warned that the pattern has a mistake which Mollie Makes give a correction for here.  I spent a little while convinced I was losing the plot until I finished off on my own and was relieved the next day to find it was the pattern after all!  It was interesting to do a quality comparison between the cotton yarn supplied which seemed to be a standard quality and the Cotton Club yarn, can you tell the  difference?

I was amazed at how splitty and rough the ordinary cotton was by comparison.

The other bits of inspiration could be found here on page 35…

and also on page 61…

The new batch of Planet Penny Cotton Club yarn has arrived, with an extra shade not available last time, so it’s better than ever!

Planet Penny Cotton Yarn rainbow colours

it’s bridges a gap as you can see…

So there are now 14 balls in the pack, still priced at £2.50 a ball and at 125m a ball I think is longer than both Debbie Bliss and Rowan (but do correct me if I’m wrong)

I’ve been busy sorting and packing the yarn, but it’s not too much of a hardship because I’m getting a colour hit every time I open the box…

I’ve sent the first few packs off across the ‘pond’ , I hope they don’t take too long to arrive.  It was lovely to receive two emails one after the other yesterday from people on the waiting list whom I had contacted to say the yarn was ready.  One was from the U.S. and the other from about 10 miles away from Planet Penny, but they both started, ‘I’m SO excited!’  I’ve also had a link to Peas in a Pod the blog of another extremely happy person, you can pay her a visit here.  Isn’t it amazing, and wonderful that we can all join in the fun however far apart we are?  Do get in touch if you would like your own Rainbow Pack.

And I nearly forgot, I was asked if I could write up my version of the Rainbow Mouse pattern…

…from this post and I have!  You’ll find it here

And, as if there wasn’t enough going on, the time is fast approaching for Norfolk Open Studios.  The deadline for applications for the Taster Exhibition is this coming Monday, and although I know what I propose to make, and in my head it’s finished (and in my head it looks rather wonderful) I haven’t actually done anything at all!

So with that in mind, and knowing how little time I will have for dyeing my own fleece I sent off to Wingham Wool for their shade card so could get the supplies I need for the needlefelt project I have in mind.   They have an amazing colour chart,  which if you undertake to return within two weeks is free…

…and I have selected these colours to augment what I already have in my stash…

I’ll share my idea as it develops but in the meantime, if someone could arrange for an extra 12 hours a day, I’d be really grateful!

See you soon! x


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11 thoughts on “Yarn Projects Galore!

  1. Stocki

    Hi Penny! Thanks to you & Tim for all your help in helping me to access Planet Penny again! My solution at the moment is to turn off McAfee firewall just long enough to allow me to pop in! Lovely post today… all those gorgeous colours in cotton, wool AND mice! Great to visit again.. hugs, Jill x

  2. Penelope

    Thanks so much for your sweet little mice tutorial Penny. I most certainly plan to make at least one…hmmm what colour shall I choose? I must get round to ordering a subscription of Mollie makes as I can’t always rely on getting one in our local WH Smiths. How wonderful that you will be having another open studio year, really exciting and maybe a little scary? look forward to another of your gorgeous felted makes xox Hope spring continues to spring in Norfolk x

  3. Marigold and the Goatmother

    Oh, thank you for posting the cute mouse pattern! Now, then, can’t wait for the yarn to arrive. 🙂 Florescent spray does indeed sound scary! But the countryside is lovely. The Goatmother has a blackthorn hiking stick,. Unfortunately I don’t think they grow over here. 🙁

  4. Mrs. Micawber

    Those wool colours look an awful lot like Cotton Club colours. 🙂 How strong of you to restrict yourself to just 8!

    Green fluorescent spray does look rather poisonous. Ugh. Best not enquire too closely.

    If you find out how to get the extra hours, will you share it with the rest of us? I could use some too.

  5. Rachel

    I requested the mouse pattern, thank you for put it out there. 🙂

    I’ve made my second little cotton item this week….come and see….

  6. sue

    Yes more hours in the day are a must! You wait the rain will start as soon as Easter arrives, we’ll be talking about flooding next!!!

  7. Toffeeapple

    Penny I wish I could give you all my free hours, they seem to be endless.

    What lovely colours in your cotton yarns and the colour chart.

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