Needlefelt Birds for Handmade Monday

Happy Easter to all!  Are you full of chocolate yet?  We’re having a quiet time here as the family are away and so needlefelt birds have been in the forefront of my mind and the felting needle has been smoking…(which is what mustn’t happen to the lamb shanks I shall be putting in the oven shortly for a long slow cook for our dinner à deux tonight !)

We celebrated the start of the hosepipe ban last week with a really rainy day here…

Norfolk garden viewed through a rain spattered window

Some people found it most depressing…

A small dog being very grumpy about the rain

Of course, Murphy’s Law applied too, as after days and days of dry weather, this was the day the soil was delivered to fill my beautiful new raised beds from Home Grown Revolution

These are now looking absolutely splendid…

raised beds from Home Grown Revolution

…all ready for warmer weather and the time to get them planted.  I’m feeling very guilty about the garden as despite my best intentions things are slipping rather, but short of that elusive extra day in the week I would love to find, it can’t be helped.

As well as the smoking felting needle, the keyboard’s been pretty hot too, as I’ve been writing.  I haven’t mention it before (because I sort of didn’t believe it until I saw in black and white) but I am now a Features Writer for UK Handmade, and you’ll find my first offerings here and here if you are curious.  And if you haven’t found UK Handmade’s website before, there are lots and lots of really interesting articles by some amazingly creative people to keep you amused over the holiday weekend!

I was also asked to write a guest blog post by Sue, of SusanD1408Crochet Addict which you can find here if you’d like to know  how Planet Penny came into being.

Meanwhile, back at the felting needles…. You’ll remember last week I had got as far as this…

colourful needlefelt Merino wool balls

….but nobody guessed where I was going with it.

I started with the pale yellow on in the middle…

the woolly feet of a needlefelt chick

(those little feet are very important) …and turned into a special Easter chick…

a needlefelt bird on the letter P

However the real aim is a piece to exhibit at the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios Taster Exhibition at the Forum in Norwich next month.  This has existed in my head for so long it was rather a shock to realise that I hadn’t actually made it yet, so I’ve been working on it all week.  This involved my Easter Chick having a few more friends, a whole flock of needlefelt birds…

pink, blue and yellow needlefelt birds on a branch

A wool branch of needlefelt birds

a lambswool branch of needlefelt birds

I’m now at the final stages, with leaves crocheted in Bluefaced Leicester wool….

…and with any luck I should finish it this evening in front of the fire.  The branch is made from the lambswool yarn I bought from High Fibre, and used with the needlefelt robins at Christmas and I’m really pleased with the way it works in with the whole concept.  One day, when I have time (!) I will knit myself the raspberry colour mug hug from the yarn I bought from Fiona at the Pick’n’Mix Market last year.

Needlefelting is getting a fresh burst of publicity this week with this month’s issue of Mollie Makes.  Aren’t these cute?

So I hope there will be lots of enthusiasm for the Needlefelting Course I’m teaching on 17th April at The OutHouse Studio in Aylsham, North Norfolk.  I think there’s a place or two left, so if you are near enough, it would be lovely to see you!

I’ll leave you with a link to Wendy, over on 1st Unique Crafts who hosts Handmade Monday, and there you will find plenty more interesting things have been going on over the past week!

See you soon x

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42 thoughts on “Needlefelt Birds for Handmade Monday

  1. Caroline

    I love the chick and dawgies, so pretty and colourful and congratulations on being published

  2. mcrafts

    Penny the little birds are gorgeous. I saw the little felted animals in Mollie Makes. Off to read your features! (Oh, the little Higgins thing is so cute!) Mich x

  3. Micro G

    Those little birds you’ve made are adorable and well done on the Features Writer role P! Visiting Norfolk in a few weeks, love the quietness and lack of chain stores, indie all the way!

  4. linda

    You’ve been busy – I think my new Gardener would like your garden! – love the birds too – so cute!

  5. alison

    Love the birds! So cute and colourful. Good luck with the workshop, I wish I lived a bit nearer. I shall have a look at all your links when I have a spare few moments.

  6. Tickled Pink

    Love love love the birds! So colourful and cute. I can’t wait to get the next Mollie Makes – I “know” Gretel Parker on twitter and she makes the most fabulous things (as do you!)! xx

  7. Jam Dalory

    Oh wow, how stunning are those birds, especially altogether on the branches. Well done, sounds like you’re in the middle of a really exciting and busy time. Happy Easter. x

  8. Carol

    Oh my goodness, I have spent 20 minutes on your site switching from one place to another and ended up playing with Higgins, phew.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my read and I absolutely love your branch of beautiful birds. Thankyou for the pleasure.

  9. Gill Oglesby

    Your garden looks great. We’ve been out to buy seeds this week for our (very small) veg patch. Need to put my 3 year old son to work planting them when the weather clears up!

    Love the birds, especially on the tree!

  10. Bobo Bun

    Fabulous birds on a branch Penny. I love that they’re all different colours as it makes the flock so much more interesting. Hopefully you managed to finish it this evening. I’ll have to pop along to the forum to see the real thing.

    Your post is so busy and full of lovely news.

    Must make a date for that coffee after easter hols. I’m off on Monday and Fridays.


  11. kateuk

    Those birds on the branch are absolutely top notch Penny.I have HUGE sacks of soil and manure waiting to go into my new raised beds, but the weather here is vile- raining ever since the hose ban came into force and very chill.

  12. Mrs. Micawber

    Oh my gosh, the little birds are so cute. Every picture gets better – I thought the branch was fantastic but then the leaves just made it outstanding. Fantastic work!

    I love the pea shoot idea – Mr. M likes to sprout things so we’ll have to try this.

    Higgins looks very appealing in his studio shot. 🙂

    I hope the CFS is much better – Mr. M suffers from something similar as a result of his brain surgeries. Very frustrating, especially because people around you often just don’t get it.

    Congratulations on your new endeavours!

  13. Teje & Nero

    Hi Penny! This was so exiting, interesting and beautiful post! I love your work – now my favourites are those cute mice around the clock and these new sweet birds! Have a wonderful week and give hugs to Higgins! x Teje

  14. Jill

    The Easter chick and his pals are so lovely Penny – you always have such gorgeous colours. I really enjoyed reading your guest blog piece – such beautiful work for your degree. Look forward to reading more pieces for UK Handmade. Hope you (and Higgins of course) have a good week

  15. Free Spirit Designs

    those birdies are adorable!

    Your raised beds look fab too – its so exciting planting seeds once all the prep work is done isn’t it 🙂 i’ve got little tomato seedlings just sprouting although i don’t expect they’re enjoying the change in the weather much!

  16. Trish

    Wow your branch full of birds is fantastic. I know absolutely nothing about needlefelting. I am most envious of the raised beds too. Like how you have used them as a barrier between the two area. I’m off to check out your links now. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Hope the sun returns soon.

  17. Pickle-Lily

    Gosh – wher do I begin! Your raised beds look so neat and tidy, mine is just a faint hope. the birds are wonderful – worthy of their own front cover, but then the birds in that amazing branch! Wow!

  18. Nina

    Those birds are so cute! The branches look really good, I like how you have wound different shades around each other, The whole piece looks fab!! x

  19. Handbags by Helen

    I’m very envious of your raised beds. If only my allotment was that tidy. And those birds…..soooooo cute!

  20. little harriet

    The birds are ace! I’m hoping to get a needle felting kit for my birthday (fingers crossed!) and seeing what you can do has made me want to try it out even more!
    Great interview too.


  21. LolaLovesCraft

    These birds are adorable I’ve never done needle felting before, I really must looking into it. Ah, another reason to take out a subscription to Mollie Makes!

  22. Faith

    Love the little birds, just gorgeous! Wish I was nearer to come to a course….why does everything seem to happen on the other side of the country?

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