Hearts and Flowers

This is going to be a very short post.  We’re still coming back down to earth after a wonderful wedding weekend, and I haven’t got my head together enough to process photos, or write much.  I hope you’ll forgive me, there’s lots of other news as well, so I’ll wait for the champagne bubbles to clear out of my system so I can write properly!

Thanks so much for those many sun dances and fair weather vibes being sent our way after the last post.  It worked!  After days of truly dreadful weather, the wedding day was as bright and shiny as anyone could have wished for.

We spent Friday afternoon decorating the venue, and serendipity decreed that the 60, yes – SIXTY- metres of bunting I had stitched was exactly the right length to do the whole room, not one flag too many or few.  ( I of course, tried very hard to pretend it was down to careful planning!)

I also stitched many metres of paper hearts for the doors so my sewing machine was not happy, but it looked pretty!  The bride’s mother did beautiful things with flowers and between the combined families we transformed the room.

The main thing I made for the wedding I have given a little hint of it in the Silent Sunday post, but I’ll save the main photos for the next post.  Don’t forget to come back for a peek!

In the meantime I will leave you with a link to this week’s Handmade Monday which Wendy is now hosting on her new blog, Handmade Harbour so you can see what else has been going on, and also a tiny glimpse of a wonderful, magical day …

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35 thoughts on “Hearts and Flowers

  1. Wendy

    Wow, lovely pics and well done on the very accurate bunting measurements (we won’t tell anyone!). I’m so glad the sun shone!! x

  2. Jill

    What a lovely idea the hearts was – they look sop pretty and so great for a wedding. The pics are lovely and the bride’s dress is very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  3. alison

    Can’t wait to see more pictures, you must have had a wonderful time and how lovely that both families made different bits and pieces 🙂

  4. mcrafts

    So glad the weather was great for you! The bunting looked lovely and what a lovely picture of the happy couple with all the petals suspended in mid air. Mich x

  5. adaliza

    How brilliant – what super bunting and heart ideas and that’s a fab photo at the end – really captures a magic moment!
    Love to Higgins – he’s just eaten all his dinner!

  6. Tickled Pink

    It looks like it was a fantastic day! So pleased that the sun shone. Now, I want to see a photo of the shoes please!
    The decorations are beautiful and I love the Silent Sunday photo, can’t wait to see all of it.

  7. RosMadeMe

    Penny, you must be delighted that everything went so well… what fabulous decorations from both of the m-i-l’s and don’t the happy couple look gorgeous. Look forward to hearing all about the wedding soon 🙂

  8. Bobo Bun

    Beautiful picture of the wedded pair Penny. SO thrilled for your family that the weather was wedding perfect. Hope they liked all the surprises.

    Lisa X

  9. Caroline

    Beautiful day, beautiful bride and perfect decorations. Nothing better than a handmade wedding.

    Thank you for visiting my blog have a good week and sober up from the champers

  10. Free Spirit Designs

    it looks like it was a wonderful magical day for you all – how lovely! 🙂

    it is so nice that you made the decorations for the venue by hand – the bunting and hearts look fantastic and are all the more special because of the love that went into creating them 🙂 x

  11. Susie

    I’m so glad I was able to make it! Love that last photo, the confetti and the happy couple! Congratulations on getting it together it looked lovely. Hugs!

  12. Mrs. Micawber

    Oh Penny, it’s all so beautiful. Congratulations to your son and his lovely bride, and to you for surviving and enjoying it all! I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  13. Jan Overton

    Wow Penny…..it all looks lovely! You must have worked really hard on all the bunting etc! So glad the sun shone for you all. Jan x

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