Size Matters…

Tension, yarn weight and hook size, making it all match up

…or does it?  I’m talking about crochet hooks here, I don’t think that qualifies as any sort of discrimination!

I’ve been having the occasional email from people about the size of hook I use to make up the Rainbow Mouse patterns so I thought a short blog post about hooks and yarn was in order.

Any one who knits and crochets and has made garments knows that there is a stress on making your tension squares initially just to check that your style of working produces the correct number of stitches and rows to the inch/cm.  Obviously size is crucial when it’s something has to fit and look good, but it’s not as desperate when you are making little toys and Amigurumi creatures.  What is important then is getting the correct hook for the yarn you are using.

The Planet Penny Cotton Colours yarn is supplied to me as double knitting weight, but it is quite fine for DK, although still thicker than 4 ply.  If I’m using it to make something which requires a little drape or movement, such as a throw or cushion cover, then I use a 3.5mm hook.  However, if I’m making a mouse which requires stuffing then I need a denser fabric so the stuffing doesn’t show and then I use a 3mm hook.

But the Rainbow Mouse Pattern, and the Mini mice patterns are just that, patterns to tell you which stitch comes next.  If you are not using the PP cotton yarn, you can be adventurous as you like with the yarn you use as long as the hook suits the yarn.  You will usually find the recommended hook size printed on the yarn binder, just go down a size to make sure the fabric is has no little holes in it.

With this in mind I have been experimenting with size and differing yarns.

This is the Rainbow Mouse Pattern made up in Planet Penny Cotton, using a 3mm hook.  He’s about 3 and a half inches/9cm  long excluding the tail…Rainbow_crochet_MouseNoText

The Mini Mouse Pattern made up the same way is 2 inches/5 cm long…


However, when I use cotton embroidery thread and a 2mm hook, the mini mouse gets a teeny tiny brother, who is only an inch long…
mouse crochet with embroidery thread

and conversely, making up the Rainbow Mouse pattern in Aran yarn using a 5mm hook results in a fat cuddly friend who is 5 and a half inches/14cm long and  perfect for a baby’s first toy (no beads for that though!)

So be adventurous, and you’ll be amazed by the possibilities.  I’m going to put a brooch back on the teeny tiny fellow, but he could equally well go on a hair clip or head band for a little girl, or decorate a pencil case.

four sizes of crochet mouse

four sizes of crochet mouse

Meanwhile, because I know it’s not always easy to get the correct size of hook to make up the Rainbow Mouse and Mini Mice patterns, the pack now include a 3mm hook  so you can get going straight away!

very small crochet mouse

The Planet Penny Cotton Colours yarn and patterns are all available through the Planet Penny Etsy shop, there’s a link here, and at the top of the page.

If you’ve made your own mice, do share them on the Planet Penny Facebook page, or just come along to ‘like’ it and see what else is going on!

Back soon…x

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11 thoughts on “Size Matters…

  1. Christina

    Hmmmm Now you have me wondering about making a mouse out of super bulky yarn….hmmmmm LOL And I always try patterns out with differant yarns and hooks 🙂

  2. Frankie

    Ahhhh, such helpful hints – thank you. I’ve been trying to make an amigurumi hippo, but he’s turned out all gappy and the poor chap’s stuffing is coming out. I’ll give it another go with a smaller hook 🙂

    Love the littlest mouse’s nose!

    Frankie x

  3. Jill

    Your meeces are so lovely, especially the bright pink fridge-magnet version. I have not been able to get into crochet, but find it interesting how the different size hooks can create different finishes. Rainbow mouse is very cute too.

  4. Mrs. Micawber

    I LOVE that rainbow-striped mouse!

    And the big brother Aran – put a trunk and some legs on him and he’d make a wonderful elephant I think! (Maybe square up the ears a bit too.)

    I’ve been using a 3.25mm hook with my PPCC and it works well for me – but I’m making mostly motifs.

  5. Jo Pickle-Lily

    The mice and now the hearts are as amazing as ever! I agree about matching the needlesize (as a knitter) to the project and not neccessarily following what the ball band says!
    Jo x

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