A Needlefelt Bird in the Hand….

…but a handful of baby birds is even better!

tiny Needlefelt robins

Guess who’s thinking ahead to C*******s! It’s alright, I won’t speak the word aloud!

I’ve been waiting for materials to arrive so I’ve switched to a different breed of bird, and trying out a different size too.  Last  C*******s I couldn’t keep up with the demand for needlefelt robins, I think it was the Kirsty effect, so I’m starting early year, although I find it really hard to think of Christmas in August, don’t you? (Whoops, sorry, it slipped out! )

three mini needlefelt robins

Needlefelt Robins for Christmas | Planet Penny

The robins are now fluttering their way to the Planet Penny shop, and you can find them here, here and here..

I’ve been a little indulgent this week and treated myself.  I said last week I couldn’t resist the little scented dachshunds, and so I had one made just for me by the lovely LouLou of Farrell and Holmes and these lovely parcels arrived a few days ago, smelling wonderful!

But I’d only ordered one thing!?  And here it is, such pretty fabric…

and in the other one?  A little present for me…

Thank you LouLou!

The weather this week has been beautiful, so no more thunderstorms much to Higgins relief but  the lovely Mrs Micawber, who was very concerned about his well being, sent a link to something which might just solve his problems, not only with the storms, but with the fireworks which upset him so much.  It’s a Thundershirt, and here he is modelling it!

Miniature Dachshund wearing a Thundershirt

miniature dachshund wearing a Thundershirt

The theory is that being wrapped snuggly calms dogs and makes then less stressed about loud noises and other worrying situations. Thank you so much Mrs Micawber, we’ll let you know whether it works when the weather breaks!

Well, it’s another short post as I must away to administer Clovis’s evening antibiotic on the other side of the village, I will get a lot more done when I don’t have to visit three times a day, it’s a good thing I love him!   I’ll leave you with a link to Handmade Monday so you can visit lots of other lovely bloggers who have been creating little lovelies over the past week.


See you soon…x


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40 thoughts on “A Needlefelt Bird in the Hand….

  1. Caroline

    Your robins are so cute and look so much better being a handful than 1. Love the fabric Higgins hope he is not too put out.

  2. Free Spirit Designs

    sooooooooo much cuteness (as always :))

    Higgins looks adorable in his little thunder shirt (i have a CD of music with a doggy heartbeat in the background which is meant to help calm dogs – i haven’t had to try it out yet though as our River is okay with thunder (we had a huge clap first thing this morning and he didn’t raise an eyebrow!)

    Your Robins are super cute and i can imagine there being a huge demand for them when the season arrives so its probably a good idea to get started early! x

  3. Ginny

    Your little robins are so lovely, as are Higgins and his coat. I knitted a fairisle coat for one of my work colleague’s daughter’s dachshund. The best bit was the doggy fitting visits.

  4. Hannah

    Aww bless a thunder shirt! How cute! I too am having to think about the c word for article writing it has been very strange 🙂 Love your robins!

  5. Wendy

    Oh such lovely robins – I adore them and I’m not surprised they flew off the shelves last Christmas…see, you’ve got me saying it now – you are a bad influence! 😉
    Love the fabric dachsund and the coat (very smart).

  6. Tilly mint boutique

    Ah those Robbins are fab! I too have been thinking about the C word, does nothing to be prepared is what I say! I love your little treats to yourself and Higgins looks very dapper! Hope it works for him!

  7. Mythillogical

    Must admit- I’ve started to think about Christmas too…seems crazy now but it’ll come around faster than we know it though, and we’ll wish we’d started in June!

  8. Marigold and the Goatmother

    No matter whether Higgin’s shirt works for thunder or not (and we hope it does!) he looks so very handsome in it! Please do let us know if it works. If not, you could snug him up with some baby robins perhaps. 🙂 Now let’s see…will the Goatmother and Marigold look like a 50’s male again? 🙂

  9. Louise Farrell

    Penny, thank you once again for including us in your blog! You are very organised, getting ready for Christmas so early, I wish we were that prepared. For some reason, it always comes as a bit of a shock to us!

    The little robins are adorable, I can see why you need to start making them now as they must be ever so popular. And Higgins looks very cosy in his Thunder Suit, I hope it helps during the next storm, bless him.

    LouLou & Will x

  10. Penelope

    Just love Higgins being the perfectmodel, sweet! especially the fold of skin at his neck whilst modelling his thunder suit :o)
    Your beautifl robin you gave me last C…… takes pride of place on my tree, I can see how they are in high demand, good to be planning ahead I say. Hope Clovis will soon be 100%, happy week ahead lovely Penny xox

  11. Annie @ knitsofacto

    I’d never make a proper crafter, I just can’t be taking the seasons out of order!

    The Thunder wrap looks great. Similar principles to Telling Touch. If you don’t know them already it might be worth learning a few TTouch techniques to help Higgins cope with scary bangs. My lot are completely blissed out after a good TTouch massage and not on of the 7 is bothered by fireworks or thunder.

  12. say it

    Your robins are great 🙂 I love the simple design. I know I should really start thinking about the big event coming up in December, but I can’t bring myself to start stamping snowflakes in August!

  13. Bev Newman

    Ohh I love the robins and the fabric version of Higgins! really cute 🙂 He also looks very smart in his coat – have been asked about knitting them before and wasn’t sure about the demand. Glad they make him feel more secure and calm and he’s not alone in strongly disliking this weather 🙂

  14. Mrs A.

    So cute looking looking your little robins. Higgins looks the real ladies man with his new jacket. Hope it works for him. Hugs mrs a.

  15. Susie

    Would love to know if the thundershirt works for Higgins. I have heard good things about them from many golden friends. I bought one for my son’s golden, China, this summer as she has extreme thunderstorm anxiety. He says he thinks it helps some, altho she still is not a thunderstorm fan. Of course she is almost 12 years old, so maybe it would make a bigger difference if we had tried it when she was younger.
    BTW I am in love with those little birdies!

  16. Melanie

    I’ve heard that keeping a baby wrapped up tightly is calming, so lets hope it works for Mrs Micawber! He looks lovely in his thundershirt anyway!

    Your robins are very cute, I can see why they sell so well.
    Melanie :0)

  17. handbagsbyhelen

    Those robins look so fiddly to make – you must be soo patient. Very cool dachsunds!

  18. Jill

    What a very smart chap Higgins is. I must let my sister know about his coat as she has a dog that is very unhappy with thunder and loud noises generally. I love your robins, they are really gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  19. Martha

    how cute those little robin cuties are! and your gifts are fabulous too, especially the dog!
    I dont understand why everybody is hush hush about the C* word, well I do my Christmas crafts in the middle of my summer holidays! nothing wrong with that! 😛

  20. Pickle-Lily

    The robins are seriously cute – you are so clever! Higgins looks so smart in his coat, beautifully modelled by him , I hope it works! have agood week, Jo x

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  22. Mrs. Micawber

    Don’t all crafters think about Christmas in August? 🙂

    Such adorable robins – I already know from your more recent post that they are a well-deserved hit.

    Higgins looks wonderful in his Thundershirt! For some reason it puts me in mind of a scuba suit – so sleek and snug-fitting. I’m so glad I happened to see that advertisement when I did.

  23. marmacat

    Christmas, Christmas, CHRISTMAAAAAAAS!!!!! I love Christmas and you can mention it any time you like 😀

    Your designs are beautiful and these little robins are cutie-pies 🙂

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