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Remembering the Memory Doll

It’s been a really hectic week here on Planet Penny as at last we found a quiet time to make me an office out of the storage room adjoining the studio.  When the Studio block was built three years ago I already had designs on this little room as you can see from this post but it’s taken until now to find the time to make the big push.  There was so much to clear out of the store, and now I’m having to find all the office related stuff in the studio to move it across and I’m unearthing all sorts of memories and forgotten projects!  So as I haven’t got a new Handmade Monday project I though I’d share the Memory Doll with you, who has resurfaced from a box of bits and pieces.

rag doll

She was designed to use up little fragments of pretty things which had some significance which might otherwise might have been put in a box and forgotten.  (The irony of this does not escape me!)

So here she is, with her little cape made from my first (and last) attempt at traditional crochet.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this small piece which would never have grown enough to be used elsewhere.  The dress is made from an old dress from happy days, and the satin covered buttons came from a blouse I had as a teenager.  The flower was on a box of toiletries from a long ago birthday, and the pantaloons which you can just see here…

rag doll

were made from remnants left over from a baby dress of my daughters.

I shall make sure she doesn’t go back in a box, but has pride of place on the dresser from now on!

rag doll

I’ve been wondering if a tutorial for this might be interesting to anyone?  Do let me know what you think…

This is I’m afraid a short post as I’ve been away and it’s nearly time to visit Clovis the Mad French Cat to give him his pill.  I will post an up to date bulletin in the next few days when I hope to have good news about his progress.  It’s taking a long, long time, but we’re getting there!

I shall leave you with the usual Sunday link to Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour where you will find plenty more to see, and I’ll be back soon ….x