We’ve just been for our first September walk…

It isn’t Autumn yet, but you can see it from here…Miniature dachshund in the straw bales

acorn, conker, convululus, blackberry

The first of the season…delicious!

a blackberry in the hand

helicopters, daisy, hawthorn, honeysuckle


Higgins…king of all he surveys!

And now we’re home, the sun is coming out!

See you soon…x

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7 thoughts on “September

  1. Ginny

    What nice photos. Higgins is very photogenic. We went blackberrying on Wimbledon Common yesterday, and I now have a bowl of berries that I can’t decide what to do with.

  2. wendy

    Good old iIggins – always raises a grin here.

    Such beautiful pics – I can feel autumn is approaching too. In fact, I put a throw over the bed last night – it was so cozy.

  3. wendy

    oh dear me sorry – I haven’t gone all Cockney, dropping my H’s….I’m just typing in a gloomy room…must put a light on. 🙂

  4. Maryom

    We’ve a definite Autumnal feel to mornings in Derbyshire – some places have even reported frost! I was still waiting for Summer to start.

  5. Mrs. Micawber

    Nice climbing, Higgins!

    What a lovely collection of photos. I especially like your blackberry-in-the-hand (which is of course worth two in the bush), and the row of corn.

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