A Mixed Bag for Handmade Monday

It’s Handmade Monday, again, and I’m about to break a blogging rule* by not having single theme for this post.  I’ve got far too much to say, and too many photographs!

Yesterday was our local Farmers’ Market where we have a Knit and Stitch table to promote our monthly evening get-together. It’s also a good reason to get out one of my ongoing projects which has been sadly neglected for Planet Penny Cotton Club productions and needlefelting just lately!  Do you remember the Jane Brocket blanket from this post?

It’s still progressing, but very slowly…

There was a mouthwatering cake stall, Welcome Treats...

Pretty things from Gingham Rose

…wonderful woodturning…

…some beautifully presented jams and chutneys from Shirley’s Kitchen.  What a great way to use old seed catalogues and wrapping paper!


Unfortunately I was too late to catch the Fruit and Veg stall at it’s best, and the local pork stall was not that photogenic, but the flower stall was as pretty as ever…

…and I bought a Michaelmas Daisy!

Back home, I have two really useful books on the go which I really want to recommend to all my Bloggy chums who sell on line.  There’s this one, which is where I discovered this rule*(see above) …

…and this one…

…which has really made me evaluate my photography.  I started reading it thinking maybe I ought to move on up from my little pocket digital to a DSLR.  But then I dug out the manual CD for my little Canon IXUS 115 HS, switched off ‘Auto’, which is where it’s been lazily set since I bought it and started to experiment.  I’m amazed at all the features I didn’t know were there!  It’s not that I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been doing so far, but I can be much more ambitious now, so watch out!

I’ve been clearing out a little flowerbed near the house, a mixture of Creeping Buttercup and a Snail Hotel, and made a bit of breathing space for my ‘Fairy’ Rose.

…and I had to bring a few inside…

They are so small and delicate, if they were scented they’d be perfect!

I sourced some great twiggy wreaths this week which were perfect for the mini Robins bigger brothers to sit on…

They are about 8″ across and are currently for sale on Etsy

And I’m still making the teeny ones in the 2″ rings although they are selling so quickly if you miss them on Etsy you’d better contact me!

Since I am breaking the rules with my mixed bag of news, I might as well carry on with …Pet News!

I’ve had many kind enquiries about Clovis’s progress after his car accident, and I’m pleased to report he’s coming along well, if slowly.  He has had two of the three pins removed, the last one must stay for a few more weeks.  He’s trundling around quite happily, and even presented my mum with a mouser this morning!

If you saw this morning Silent Sunday Post and Higgins in his new bed, you can find out much more about it in this little film…

…and finally I will leave you with this weeks link to Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour. I hope your brain is not too boggled with all the stuff I have thrown at you!

See you soon…x

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30 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag for Handmade Monday

  1. handbagsbyhelen

    Cute bed for higgins. Clearly your photography book worked – your pictures are beautiful. I especially like the vase on the table – you’ve captured the light beautifully!

  2. Leah

    I would have been very tempted to spend with all those tempting items. The fairy roses are beautiful.The robins are sweet. I can’t believe christmas is going to be here in a few months.:-) Leah x

  3. Bath Bomb Creations

    You have some lovely photos on here and the stall products look very effective and I would be at the stall in an instant! I love your Robin wreath and will pop over to Esty. Cannot believe just 3 and a half months to go. x

  4. With U in Mind

    A good photography book is my next purchase. Certainly a weakness of mine. You’ve inspired me to pay the cash. I would love a couple of your mini robins and never get to etsy in time (usually thanks to the hrs I work or hubby not getting his butt off the comp). Why can’t Etsy have poke poke I’ve been relisted device lol.

  5. Ginny

    Enjoyed reading your post. The fair looks like it was fab. I agree with what you say about photography; I think some of my patterns that have done well have simply been because the photos turned out better than others. We have the same bed as Higgins in our house, which someone gave me for my cats, but now two toy huskies live in it. I have just spent 5 mins playing with virtual Higgins in your sidebar!

  6. Free Spirit Designs

    awwww i love Higgins in his bed! sooooo cute 🙂 he seems to really like it!

    your flowers look so pretty! and beautifully photographed too.. i will have a look at the book you have recommended as i would really like to improve my product photography, and also learn how to use my camera! 🙂

    i love the idea of using the pretty seed catalogue pages on top of jam jars.. i’m thinking of making bramble jam soon and may have a go at something similar! x

  7. Wendy

    the pics of the fair are fab – love the variety. Your robins are amazing, it’s no wonder they’re going so quickly. Photography is one of those things I need to learn more about but feel I’d be too impatient to benefit from it. I’ve seen the same book recommended and really should invest in it! x

  8. Penelope

    Oh my, how wonderful is Higgins. I LOVED that clip of him making darn sure it was a good enough bed for him and him alone! He is toooooo lovely indeed.

    I remember you working on the Jane Brocket blanket in T and C’s garden, it’s looking truly beautiful Penny, well worth taking your time over it. Your robins are fabulous as ever, I can well believe that they are literally flying out your shop xox Happy days to you and Tim x Penelope

  9. claireabellemakes

    Lovely to hear what you have been up to, the blanket is gorgeous!

    I have the photography book too, it’s great to hear that it has got you exploring your settings. I think it can be an overwhelming topic!


  10. Caroline

    Wow a mixed bag but I enjoyed the journey round the FM with you, thank you.

    The size of those needles that is no mean feat and the photo book looks very good must admit I use auto, so bad.

  11. Melanie

    Lovely photo’s of the Farmers Market, and the books look interesting – I need to brush up on taking photo’s.

    Your robin wreath is very cute!

  12. Linda Thorpe

    Hi could you tell me where the farmers market is please? I live in Spixworth and follow your blog, I’ve also bought your planet penny wool but as yet have not started anything. Newly back into crocheting so need to practice a bit more first. Thanks x

  13. Pickle-Lily

    A lovely post to read! I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos and admired your neddle- felting skills. An answer with lots of topics!!! Jo x

  14. Annie @ knitsofacto

    Gosh they have lots of different things at your farmer’s market. Ours only accepts locally made food, fruit, veg etc. and plants, no crafts at all.

    Higgins is such a sweetie, and cuter than a whippet in a snuggle snack!

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