Bring on the Log Cabin

No, sorry, I haven’t suddenly moved into a log cabin in the woods, although the idea is rather appealing, especially with Christmas on the horizon!  I’ve just been creating something a little different, which I shall share with you  in a moment.

I hope you’ve all had a creative week, and haven’t been suffering from too many winter chills if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.  I have now regained most of my voice and am no longer getting baffled looks from Higgins who obviously wondered why he should take any notice at that funny croaky noise.  Yesterday was grey and soggy, but ended like this…

Norfolk November sunset

which was most certainly a ‘Shepherd’s Delight’ as today is glorious.

I came home from the Farmers’ Market with some lovely local veggies …

Veg from the Farmers Market

which, together with a mixed pack of game (vegetarians look away now) has been turned into a massive pot of casserole which I hope will keep me going for most of the week.  I do appreciate being able to ‘Eat Local’ and while not everyone would want to eat rabbit, pigeon, pheasant etc, at least they had a happy existence as nature intended before ending up in the pot.  And there has to be some compensation for listening to guns going off most of the day in the surrounding fields.  The joys of country living!

I mentioned last week I have had some knitting on the go and I’ve just finished it and turned into a cushion.  I do like cushions, and the fact that I can’t actually put them on the sofa because I also have a small four-legged beast which chews the corners off (see this post and this one) doesn’t stop me making them.  I was just dozing off the other evening when an idea dropped into my head of a project which would be perfect for the Planet Penny Cotton and the next morning sent me off to raid the book shelves for the book I knew would help me achieve it.

Mason-Dixon Knitting Book

I’ve had this book since it came out in 2006 when I found it extremely hard to find brightly coloured cotton so now is the perfect time to revisit it.  (It’s still available, just click on the photo) But now I can make the log cabin of my dreams, in rainbow colour yarn!

Moss stitch Log Cabin

The log cabin knitting in the book is in garter stitch, which works well as it emphasises the directional nature of the knitting, but I do love moss stitch, the textural look and feel.

It’s now a cushion so I’ve tried it out on my wicker chair…

Log cabin moss stitch cushion

the sofa…

Log Cabin knitted moss stitch cushion

and the throw.

Log Cabin knitted cushion

I added the cross stitch to the design as it just seemed to need that little extra something.  I think it works.  And the back?  Well, I’ve been treasuring this little beauty for a while and this seemed the perfect place for it…

Island Girls - Alexander Henry Fabric 1999

If you are wondering it’s ‘Island Girls’, an Alexander Henry Fabric from 1999 which I bought when I was at Art School.  It really brightens up a November day!

I have this hankering for tassels at the corners, but I suppose it would just make them more enticingly chewable!

Coming soon is another book review.  If you saw the first episode of Kirstie Allsop’s new programme ‘Kirstie’s Vintage Home” you will have seen Lisa Comfort demonstrating the art of making a patchwork quilt and I have a copy of Lisa’s new book to tell you about.  This is probably a good reason why I should step away from the computer right now and do something about it!

I shall leave you with a link to Handmade Monday

See you soon….x

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26 thoughts on “Bring on the Log Cabin

  1. Jill

    Oh, wow, I love the fabric you have used for the back of your cushion. Both sides are lovely and I would keep turning it over to enjoy both sides. Your casserole sounds mouth-watering. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Teje

    Hi Penny! Beautiful pillow and I do hope Higgins doesn’t like it! I have made log cabin only with patchwork and I have wanted to try to knit. I like also pillows and even my puppies don’t sew the corners (little Foxy did that sometimes) they cover them with hairs and then I can’t use them. I guess we should put them in our shops so we can enjoy making pillows.
    Happy week to you and Higgins! x Teje & Nero

  3. Wendy Melling

    The cushion you’ve knitted looks gorgeous! The backing fabric is a lovely surprise too! I am always moving cushions, quilts, throws etc around the house. It’s amazing the difference it makes.
    Wendy x

  4. Penelope

    i think your log cabin is looking rather lovely penny, such delightful cotton colours and the fabric is rather sassy and cool, beautiful! Funny, I also thought tassels when I saw the fabric but oh the temptation for Higgy would be far too immense to resist. I’ve never seen that book, looks interesting. x wishing you a sunny week ahead lovely Penny xox

  5. kateuk

    A cushion classic Penny! If your chesty,croaky bug was the same one I’ve just had, you have my heartfelt sympathy- a beast of a bug, hope you are now fully recovered.

  6. Trish

    Inspired idea Penny. I love log cabin. Make sure you keep it away from that naughty, cushion chewing Higgins!…. I’ve got the croaky chesty bug!

  7. Tickled Pink

    Fabulous! I love the colours and the back is gorgeous. You see, it is worthwhile hanging on to all those bits and pieces as one day they do come in useful (and I will be showing this post to my husband to prove it!)!

  8. CatkinJane

    Love the cushion, it’s great when you get to use one of those treasured bits of fabric – I have a little stash of things that are waiting for something worthy 🙂

  9. Made in Suisse

    I think I prefer the use of moss-stitcj on the cushion, it makes it more 3D if that makes sense? I know what you mean with Higgins, Alf does not chew cushions but leaves hair everywhere he sleeps in the house so every chair, blanket and cushion I own are covered in his fluff!Not such a great look.

  10. Pickle-Lily

    I too, have had grand plans for a log cabin blanket all in shades of blue, and I envy you now in having started and finished one! Looks fab in the bright colours. Jo x

  11. Handbagsbyhelen

    Beautiful cushion. My husband swore I told him I had a cottage in the woods the day we met. I can’t imagine how I managed to go from a 3 bed semi in Stafford to that. Still, he still married me! Your stew sounds lovely.

  12. Mrs. Micawber

    Wow, that’s the perfect project for the PPCC! Lovely and modular and really shows off the colours. Quilt-block afghans seem to be popular right now too.

    Amazing fabric backing. Those pinup girls look so refreshingly wholesome in this day and age – I wonder if they were considered shocking in theirs? 🙂

    I’m seeing tassels with little acorns (or pineapples) at the top….

    P.S. How nice that you can buy game there.

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