An Advent Announcement

It’s December 1st, I can’t believe it’s come round so quickly and Planet Penny is celebrating! It’s five whole years since the first tentative post, with that fear of having  nothing to say, to anyone!    Since then there have been over 200,000 visits, so to celebrate I’m trying something a little ambitious.  I hope I can keep up!

The first plan is the  Planet Penny Advent Calendar…

Everyday until Christmas Eve I shall be posting a Christmas make, recipe or link which I hope will give you a little inspiration for the Christmas Season.

Secondly, there will be a Christmas Anniversary Giveaway as a thank you for all the support  over the last five years and this will be explained over the next couple of posts.

But, to begin with, the Advent posts…and it’s …

Advent  Calendar- DAY 1

It’s wrapping time, and although pretty paper can be very expensive there are lots of ways to make very basic materials look special and individual.  I was recently send some pretty tape by the DotComGiftShop which has meshed really well with my current favourite Scandinavian theme of red and white.

Red and White paper tape - Advent Calender Day 1

The tape comes in a natty little box with a cutting edge so it’s easy to tear off just what you need.

Red and White paper tape - Advent Calender Day 1

I’ve used Kraft brown wrapping paper which comes in a massive roll and is a great background colour for lots of projects.  The red and white is set off beautifully by the buff colour of the paper and the tape is easily cut to mite the corners as shown here.

Red and White paper tape/Brown paper wrap - Advent Calender Day 1

I’ve also experimented with wrapping leftover yarn and butchers red and white string, looks pretty doesn’t it…?

Red and White paper tape/BrownPaper - Advent Calender Day 1

I also found this gorgeous woven Christmas ribbon which I shall use sparingly on very special pressies if I can bear to part with it!

Gift Wrap for Advent Calendar

If you run out of gifts to wrap and there are still a few centimetres of tape to use, it makes really lovely teeny tiny bunting, which can be hung across windows and around the Christmas tree or across the fireplace.  The tape is folded round fine cord, embroidery thread or yarn and cut to shape.  Really easy, and a fun project for older children to do.

Bunting made from paper tape

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the Giveaway,  which will run until after the ‘Big Day’ , so do pop back then and every day to see what I’m getting up to!



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20 thoughts on “An Advent Announcement

  1. kateuk

    Penny I’m so tempted by some of the lovely tapes around, those red/white ones are lovely.Impressed with your stamina to do something every day- go girl!Makes my Cake Countdown seem really rather lazy! Looking forward to your advent posts.
    Kate x

  2. Trish

    Love your brown paper and pretty tape idea Penny. Looking forward to all your advent posts too… I definitely couldn’t manage that, far too busy here and will no doubt get more hectic by the day! But I will be reading and maybe trying some of them out. Now… Where can I get some pretty tape??

  3. Maryom

    Glad to hear someone else has to ‘too lovely to give away’ problem. I have hoards of various ribbons and fancy tapes that are just too lovely to use!

  4. Victoria Powley

    What a great idea, I love it! So much so that I have just bought the Scandinavian Style tape and the cute Gingham one to!

  5. Jill

    Hi Penny…and many congratulations on 5 years of giving us all so much inspiration and pleasure! The advent idea is lovely… and I LOVE this wrapping… I’m off to try to find the tape 🙂 Have a lovely weekend… hugs, Jill x

  6. Sherrill

    Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Penny. Well done!! I look forward to all your posts. The brown paper wrapping and red/white tape are wonderful. So festive looking. We are going on a shopping trip and I am going to look for some similar tape, although I must say, I have never seen it over here. I look forward to all your advent posts. You are inspiring!!

  7. Penelope

    Lovely Penny
    I am so impressed with your Advent Calender idea, this is such a beautiful post and right up my street too. Thank you for sharing all your creativity with us, I’m really looking forward to your daily posts. So much energy and effort needed, really appreciated here in this house :o)
    I meant to comment on your last 2 posts but got horribly distracted. Amazing event with Debbie Bliss and for such a good cause too. You are quite the travelling to London lady these days.
    Love that beautiful church, my goodness such a gorgeous space to display all those very inspiring and glorious Angels. Golly you have been so busy and its obvious that you are an integral part of your community.
    Right, I’m off get out and absorb some sunshine, hope its shining in Norfolk this weekend too, love and hugs and a lick back to Mr.Higgy xox P

  8. Ginny

    Lovely! I’m doing a similar theme with my wrapping this year (for the grown-ups at least- no point in fancy paper for toddlers!) Brown paper with red and white rafia ribbon, a tiny red bauble and some fancy cutout lace pattern tapes from one of the local discount shops. Simple but pretty!

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging too!

  9. Alison Stokes

    Dear Penny, I’m going to celebrate your five years by ordering a pack of your yarn as a Christmas present to myself! Love seeing your makes and following your ideas. Thank you.

  10. Carol

    Congratulations on 5 years blogging.
    Those parcels look beautiful with the tape, it would be a pleasure to both give and receive such lovely parcels.
    Carol xx

  11. Magic Cochin

    Lovely ideas Penny!
    I love Scandinavian Christmas decorations and your gift wrap ideas are simple and stylish.

    Well done for 5 years a-blogging!
    I’m not sure if I could manage a post every day during advent, but the years when I have done it, it’s been huge fun.


  12. Pembrokeshire Lass

    This is my first time here. When I was looking for some bright coloured cottons to crochet one of my daughters told me about you. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and I’m delighted. Now here I am visiting your blog. What great ideas for advent! I ‘ve joined up so that I can receive the rest by email
    Look forward to learning more. Joan

  13. Teje

    Hi Penny! You have always so great ideas! Wonderful way to use tapes for packets! Congratulations to your anniversary – I have spend lovely 2,5 years following you! I wish you wonderful and happy December! x Teje

  14. Mrs. Micawber

    These are adorable, and I can’t wait to see all the ideas you have for us.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! This is always such a cheerful place to visit. Thanks for making it so. 🙂

  15. Suz in LA

    Congratulations on five years Penny, my how time flies.

    Ooooh, love your advent calendar idea. Looking forward to seeing what you post each day.


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