Advent Calendar – Day Four

Here we are on Day Four of the Advent Calendar and I’ve been ferreting around in the button box!  Well, the Mother-of-Pearl button box to be precise…

Motherof Pearl buttons for Advent Calendar Day 4

to reprise a little decoration I made a few Christmases ago.  I spotted the idea in an upmarket catalogue and decided it would be silly to buy it when I had so many buttons,  had a go at making it and was very happy with the result, and very smug because it hadn’t cost me anything!

The box is rather full, but I’m gradually working my through the small buttons…

Advent Calendar Day 4 mother of pearl buttons

I shall have to be inventive for the big ones!

It’s a very simple little button heart…

Advent Calendar Day 4 Mother of Pearl buttons

and apart from the buttons all you need is gold or silver wire and some jewellery pliers.

Select your buttons and lay them out in your desired order. Cut two lengths of wire, about 18″ in length, you just snip off the excess.  Twist the wires together a couple of inches from one end then thread the first button on to one of the wires then twist the two wires together for a few turns before threading the next button on a single wire again.

Advent Calendar Day 4 button heart detail

Continue like this until you have used all the buttons, then bend into the desired shape, bringing the two ends together at the top of the heart.  Then you can use the excess wire to twist a hanging loop, and snip off the ends.

Advent Calendar Day 4 Mother of Pearl button Heart

Finish with a length of pretty ribbon or cord…

Advent Calendar Day 4 Mother of Pearl Heart with ribbon

hang, stand back and admire!

Advent Calendar Day 4 heart decoration on tree

Of course you can use any buttons you happen to have in your workbox, coloured ones look pretty too…

coloured button heart

Have fun, I’ll be back tomorrow….x

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14 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Four

  1. Magic Cochin

    Oooo! I will have to make these!
    In fact I have some wire that will do the job nicely and I’ve loads of buttons… now I just need a spare hour or two to sit down quietly.


  2. Mrs. Micawber

    Love this – and you could make stars too. I have a ton of old mother-of-pearl shirt buttons in my mom’s button tub – they never get used and would be perfect for this. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Joan

    Wow you keep thinking of something new! Love this! I really liked it in plain mother of pearl but then you blew my mind with the coloured one!! I gave my button box to my daughter as I didn’t think I’d need lots of buttons from now on……go figure! Joan

  4. Chris

    Tooo adorable! And would be perfect for Valentines day too!! Thank-you for the heart and stars ideas!!

  5. Penelope

    Pretty pretty, Penny, this so simple and delightful, thank you for this, you are such a generous clever crafty lady. Love your button collection xox P

  6. Maryom

    Lovely way of using up all those spare buttons. I’m intending trying to make a bracelet incorporating buttons as well as beads that I’ve seen lots of in the shope. I’m hoping it’s as easy to make as it looks.

  7. aLittleBlonde

    These look great! I’ve got a couple of shop-bought ones hanging from the end of the metal arms that prop open my bedroom windows so that I don’t bang my head – it never occurred to me I could male them myself. I’ll have to have a go next time I want one xx

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