Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

The Advent Calendar make today has  me revealing my secret hoard of wrapping paper, well, a tiny bit.  It’s too embarrassing to reveal all!  I do love wrapping paper, but when it comes to using it I can’t bear the thought of the eager recipient tearing it off and discarding it, too eager to get at the gift to appreciate it’s beauty and preciousness! (I know, it’s me that’s getting precious!)

But this make means that not only is there no necessity for any reckless ripping, but both sides of the paper can be on show (another cause of head scratching, if it’s gorgeous on both sides which do I use?  No wonder I end up with the  brown paper!)

I bought this paper the November before last at the Pick’n’Mix Market and it’s been wrapped in tissue ever since..

wrapping paper

the robins…

Robin Wrapping Paper for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

and the winter flowers and berries, which is by Emma Bridgewater…

Emma Bridgewater Paper for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

I found a great little tutorial here on a Japanese blog called Mairuru which explains beautifully how to make gift bags.  Apart from a slightly tricky bit of paper folding when you construct the bottom (which is fine if you concentrate hard and keep your cool!!! (I’m saying nothing!) )  I just used a hole punch so I could thread through the ribbon handles.  It’s a very simple and satifying little skill which will come in handy for more than just Christmas.

Gift Bags for Advent Calendar -  Day Eleven

Gift Bags for Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

All ready to be filled with all sorts of goodies…

Gift Bags and Mice for Advent Calendar Day Eleven

Gift Bags with mice for Advent Calendar  - Day Eleven

Crochet Mouse in Gift Bag for Advent Calendar  - Day Eleven

Remember, that little grey mouse could be yours!  Have you entered the Prize Draw yet?  All the details are on Day Two of the Advent Calendar which is here. All you have to do is to leave a comment to say which way you follow Planet Penny, whether it’s on the blog, or Facebook or even Pinterest.  And if you follow via multiple sources tell me that too, because then you’ll go in the Draw twice!

The little brown Mouse?  Well he’s appearing later on in the Advent Calendar, wait and see!

See you tomorrow….x

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10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Eleven

  1. Joan

    What a wonderful idea when you have special paper that you don’t want ripped or discarded, I must go and see whether I can manage it too. BTW does it mean I get 2 goes as I follow you by email too?! Hope so! Joan

  2. Chris

    What beautiful paper and even more beautiful…your gift bags made from it!!…ooops, I thought I had left a previous comment but not sure if that qualified for the drawing! I follow you on your lovely blog…oh I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!! 🙂

  3. Teje

    Wonderful idea, Penny! And wow – two sides wrapping I’m the same when shopping papers, I pick so many because they are so beautiful and then I would just save them! I used to use them as ‘paintings in the bathroom with the simple glass-frame, where you can easily change the picture/paper. x teje

  4. Pickle-Lily

    What a fab idea! I have some wonderful double sided paper I was hoarding, and now I know just what to do with it! Jo x

  5. greenrabbitdesigns

    Brilliant they look very professional but I have to agree I’m not very good at giving away lovely wrapping either!
    Isn’t it just awful when they rip it off and never give it a second look! 😉

  6. Penelope

    You have hit the nail on the head there Penny, people just ripping and not appreciating the gift wrap. I love love love beautiful gift wrap and only use it for very special people and like you I often head for the brown paper or even newspaper on occasions. This is a fabulous ideaas they can be preserved and used agin the following Christmas. Hey, maybe the recipients will return them back to you with a pressie next Christmas :o) x P

  7. jane armstead

    I am really enjoying your advent calendar posts, what a lovely idear.
    I subscibe to your posts via E-mail, just to make sure I don’t miss any!

  8. Carol

    Oh I quite understand. I scoured the shops looking for some “Penguin book spine” paper. I found some! Have I used it? Far too nice.
    It was DH’s birthday last week. It was very difficult not to open his presents for him!
    Emma Bridgewater things are lovely, a couple of years ago I found two Christmas design tealight/candle holders in a cs.
    That is an excellent tutorial for bag making.
    Carol xx

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