Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

It’s Day Twelve on the Advent Calendar, half way there, and a special date on the actual calendar as it’s 12/12/12!  I don’t know whether the numbers imbue the date with any magical properties, if it does a visit from the Ironing Fairy would be nice…

The make today stems from the Christmas Fair we are having on Saturday in aid of our Village Hall.  For years we raised funds for the old Hall.  First to keep it standing, then to raise funds to build a new hall and now we have a wonderful new eco-built hall we have keep it in good repair.  As it’s where our Knit and Stitch Group meet every month we have a table at the Fair and we’re all working to fill it with goodies to sell on Saturday.

With things being a little hectic on Planet Penny at the moment I haven’t been able to come up with as much as usual, but I spent some time yesterday afternoon with my trusty glue gun…

Happiness is a Warm Glue Gun Poster

…a section of crafty bits and pieces…

Christmas Craft Materials for Advent Calendar Day Twelve

…and I now have a dozen little Christmas tree rings for sale on Saturday.

Christmas Tree Twigs Rings for Advent Calendar day Twelve

If you haven’t got a glue gun, quick!  put it on your Christmas list!   It’s the most wonderful thing for quick assembly while crafting, as it sets as it cools so you’re noty left trying to hold everything together with clothes pegs while the glue dries over half an hour or so.  I first started using one when I worked at a dried flower shop making arrangements and decorations, back when dried flowers were very fashionable.  My own glue gun dates back to that era and is an industrial strength model, but the hobby ones are quite reasonable price.  You do have to be careful when using them as the glue is incredibly hot when melted, I sported quite a few burns when I first started out.

(I’ve just realised that I obviously like to live dangerously, if I’m not stabbing myself with felting needles I’n burning myself with glue! Who’d have thought Crafting was an Extreme Sport!) 

The little rings are available from most good florist shops and then you have scope for using any number of different odds and ends out of your crafty bit box.  It’s a great way of using all the tiny bits and pieces which are too small to make a whole project.

You’ll spot I’ve made use of the little pot of silver bells I bought the other day, I just stitched through the loops with thread to maker a cluster of three and stitched through the twig wreath to hold them.  Then the glue which attaches the bow and leaves holds it all in place.

I hope that’s fired your imagination.  I’d love to see what you make if it has…

See you tomorrow….x


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5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Twelve

  1. Mrs. Micawber

    My first glue gun was of the industrial-strength variety as well. I bought it (way back in the 90s) from the tool department of a store that sells serious hardware. Now I just have a flimsy little craft-store low-temp glue gun. The days of dried flower wreaths are long gone! 🙂

    Your little wreaths are so cute, especially with the bells on.

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