Advent Calendar – Day Fifteen

This is not the post I planned!  There have been some people who have pointed out that I must be mad to take on an Advent Calendar with so much else going on, but the thing is, when else do I do it?  It some how loses something in January!

Anyway, I’ve just skidded into the office having spent the morning at the Christmas Fair, made my mum’s lunch, gone shopping (I bought mistletoe and it must be nearly Christmas ‘cos I now have my stalk of sprouts!) walked Higgins and now it’s getting dark so no photography.  But never  mind, I’m going to remind you of another of my favourite recipes which is particularly suited to the Christmas season, the Damp Orange Cake.

Oranges in bowl Advent Calendar Day Fifteen

This is a lovely cake to have tucked in a tin at this time of year when there’s more chance visitors will drop by.  It’s very moist so keeps well, there’s no flour involved so is suitable for those with allergies and is very, very easy to make.  Not quick because you have to boil the oranges for two hours first, but they smell heavenly.

In fact I would recommend boiling oranges even if you never make the cake…

Measuring Cups Advent Calendar Day Fifteen

To make them even more Christmassy you could use clementines or satumas and a mixture of oranges and lemons could be nice too.  Just use the equivalent weight of fruit.

Damp Orange Cake  Advent Calendar - Day Fifteen

This is delicious just on it’s own with a cup of tea, and makes a gorgeous pudding served with thick cream or icecream.  Definitely a family favourite in our house and you’ll find the recipe here.

Don’t forget, you’ve still got a chance to bid for the little Christmas Jumpers which I wrote about in my last post.  Whatever you would like to bid, every penny will go to Save the Children and I’ll make sure they are in the post to you for Christmas, Royal Mail permitting!  The bidding is open until tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll be back tomorrow, so see you soon…!


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3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Fifteen

  1. Penelope

    I am loving your daily posts Penny, I am greedy to see them each day and I really appreciate how much effort and time and energy you put into making them. Thank you so very much. This cake looks heavenly, I love ground almonds as a flour substitute, delicious xox Penelope

  2. Jill McGee

    I made one of these last night – what a fabulous cake. It think must be healthy too … no fat, no flour and oranges count as part of your 5 a day (ok i stopped thinking at this point as i didn’t want to spoil it!!!) When i cut into it and tried a still warm slice it made me think of my Dad as he always liked a nice moist cake.
    Thank you for the recipe ~ it will be well used.

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