Advent Calendar – Day Sixteen

Today’s make for the Advent Calendar comes with a puzzle.  Anyone who has visited Planet Penny for Open Studios will know that we’re in a very rural location.  Passing traffic tends to be dogs and their walkers, horses and their riders, tractors and assorted farm vehicles and the odd car.  (Invariably being driven far too fast given the narrowness of the road!)

We have our bins near the road to save the morning panic of remembering it’s bin day and having to scurry around in a dressing gown towing it to the road.  But I never imagined this would mean that someone would stop off and deposit something in the bin whilst passing by.  So I was very surprised one day a few months back to go out with the recycling, open the bin and find lying on top of the cereal boxes and newspapers, two music books…

Old Music Books for Advent Calendar Day Sixteen

They were perfectly clean and dry and came straight in to the studio go on the shelf as ‘Something-which-will-come-in-handy-sometime’.  But it continues to baffle me.  They’re are not dated, but the music, the look and the prices mentioned makes me think they could be anything up to 70 years old, and I just can’t imagine the scenario of riding past on your horse or tractor, or walking past with your dog and having an urgent need to dispose of the music books you just happened to be carrying on your person!

Anyway, they have come in handy for todays piece of Christmas Crafting.

I know quite few people make beautiful things with upcycled books, but I really struggle  with cutting up or dismantling them.  So I made a scan of one the pages of music and printed it on each side of a sheet of paper and used my big paper punch to make a collection of paper circles…

paper punch and paper discs for Advent Calendar Day Sixteen

(I like the fact it comes from ‘The Sleeping Princess’ in this Pantomime season!)

Then I just stitched them together on the sewing machiune leaving a little gap of stitches in between to make a simple paper garland…

Stitched Paper Disc Garland for Advent Calendar Day Sixteen

Stitched Paper Discs for Advent Calendar

That’s a really simple idea, but by putting three discs together,  stitching through them all and fanning them out you have a really pretty and stylish tree decoration…

Music Tree Decoration for Advent Calendar Day Sixteen

…and as we put our own tree up this afternoon I was able to put it straight to good effect…

Music Bauble for Advent Calendar

Music Bauble for Advent Calendar

A number of these hung together on a twiggy branch against a white wall would look simply stunning…

The bidding has closed on the mini Christmas Jumper Auction and the little green jumper will be wizzing off to the lovely Joan who made an extremely generous donation of £20 towards the Save the Children charity.  Thank you so much, Joan, I’ll be in touch.

And I’ll be back tomorrow too…! x

Don’t forget to call over to Handmade Monday to find lots of other Christmas makes, and if you haven’t entered the Prize Draw you can find out all about it, and the fab prizes on this post



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17 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Sixteen

  1. knitnrun4sanity

    Maybe the donator knew they would be put to good use? I am with you with cutting up books – copying is a great alternative and I really love what you have done with it. The bell is a great finishing touch. 🙂

  2. Ginny

    What a lucky find, great ideas. I have the same hesitancy about cutting up books. I have a pile of old AtoZ map books, which I keep thinking I will make into something one day.

  3. Jill

    Your decorations are really lovely and how amazing that someone would just throw the books away. I am like you with the not feeling completely happy using books, but they do make for some lovely crafting. I hope you have a very happy Christmas and look forward to ‘seeing’ you in the New Year.

  4. Sew Blissfull

    What a clever thing to do by scanning and printing rather than using the actual music. I could use my favourite sheet music without actually using it and then it would be extra special! Love the decorations. Happy Christmas.

  5. Mrs. Micawber

    I can never bear to cut up old books either. Today’s craft is lovely. I have some paper stars (made with pages photocopied from an old hymnal – Christmas carols of course) that I love to put up every year. But I really like your idea of sewing the shapes together.

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