Advent Calendar – Day Twenty

Can you believe we’re at Day Twenty on the Advent Calendar?  I’m out in the office with the rain hammering on the roof in a most unseasonable fashion, while Higgins makes the most of his cosy little bed by the heater.

Miniature Dachshund in bed

I’ve never known a dog who likes to be wrapped in a blanket as much as Higgins does!

Anyway, despite the gloom I’ve managed to take some photos of today’s make.  (I seem to have had my camera set to the ‘Low Light’ setting for days and days).  I loved the music sheets from this post so much I was determined to use it some more, so this time I’ve made a Christmas Song Bird.

Christmas Song Bird for Advent Calendar Day 20

It’s very simple to make and lends itself to all sorts of variations depending on the paper you use.  You need something fairly sturdy, or a light card.  Double sided wrapping paper would be good or you could scan or photocopy on to both sides of your sheet of paper.  For children you could draw out the shape first for them to colour it in, then cut out and complete.

Paper Christmas Bird for Advent Calendar

Because this requires a template I have made the instructions as a PDF so you can print it out.  You’ll find it by clicking on  Christmas Song Bird  right here, then clicking again on the link which comes up.   This is first time I’ve tried this so do let me know if you have problems.

So that’s the Advent Calendar for today, and I’ll be back tomorrow if we haven’t been washed downstream!

See you then…x


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11 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day Twenty

  1. Teje

    Hi Higgins! You sweet little boy has the best place! Thank you Penny for the great tutorial and the drawing! Works well. x Teje

  2. Chris

    Oh no…there is one more lil black and tan wiener dog who lives wrapped up in her blankies by the fire….Sophie!! 🙂
    Love your “songbird” ornament…I have to try and make one…
    Thank-you for sharing it with us and all the other lovelies that you have been posting every day!!

  3. wendy

    Higgins is definitely clever to be all wrapped up lol. Here he would be very warm one day and freezing the next as weather is crazy hot then cold lol. Great idea with the music sheets. ?

  4. Lois Fuller

    Higgins has the most searching eyes!! Could I borrow his pic for Bridge Vets page pretty pretty please? xx

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