Waiting for Spring

Happy Easter!  It seems strange to start a post entitled ‘Waiting for Spring’ that way but we are really stuck in some topsy turvy weather at the moment.  Hard to credit getting up on the first morning after the clocks change for British Summer Time to a sprinkling of snow!  We’ve actually got off lightly here in Norfolk as far as snow goes, the pictures of devastated farmers digging their sheep out of snowdrifts in other parts of the country have been heartbreaking.  We’ve just got the Arctic blast coming straight off the North Sea and hitting us sitting on the exposed lumpy bit sticking out of the East of England to contend with.

So I’m sharing a pretty Spring like picture to cheer us up…

lollipop broom bush for Spring

Higgins is not a fan of going out in the cold and I’ve had a running battle with him over the building of dachshund ‘nests’ out of the soft furnishings.  He’s only really happy when he has buried himself  and if he finds himself on the sofa with no available ‘blankie’ he will grizzle until he’s been covered up.

Since he’s eaten the corners of all the old cushions he now has a cushion of his very own, and a fleece blanket he can do whatever he likes with.  Unfortunately, he feels these are just not good enough, and compare very poorly with the fluffy throw I have draped over the back of the sofa, and the new velvet cushions in anemone colours I rashly bought a few weeks ago.

Every time my back is turned, this happens…

miniature dachshund keeping warm

…and he might look guilty…

Miniature dachshund looking guilty

…but that doesn’t mean he’s going to move!

I’ve reached a bit of a hiatus on Planet Penny just now.  It’s always slightly problematic judging  stock levels with the Planet Penny cotton because I don’t have a huge amount of space to store it.  Unfortunately an unexpected rush of orders has coincided with a couple of colours being out of stock at the suppliers so it’ll be first come first served on the few packs remaining until the middle of April.


There are some changes afoot.  I’ll be trialling a new pack, which some of you have been asking about for a while AND I have a new venture in the pipeline which I will tell you about later on in the year, so I’m not standing still by any means.

Meanwhile, Open Studios is on the horizon and I have started an ambitious needlefelted piece for exhibition so a lull on the cotton front is probably a good thing.  There are only so many hours in the day!   It’s refreshing change to be doing something creative and challenging  just for me,  I hope it turns out looking at least a little bit like the image in my head.

Just a reminder, the Bunny crochet pattern offer ends tomorrow, Easter Monday at 5pm UK time.  After that it will be available through the Etsy shop, but for now it’s still yours for FREE!

I changed the yarn to make this version, a big soft squidgy version as a baby toy…

big spring crochet bunny

big crochet bunny for Spring

I’m off now to dig Higgins out of his latest nest, put on his coat and march him round a field or two…

Norfolk Field - Spring

…and then get back to my felting needle.  Don’t forget to nip over the Handmade Harbour to see what’s going on for Handmade Monday this week.

I’ll see you soon…x


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24 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring

  1. Penelope

    Penny, what a perfectly captured couple of Higgins photo’s! He has the right idea with this weather! I’ve been in my bed most of the afternoon under covers after experiencing the joys of an icy flurry on our way to church this morning:o)
    I am in fact attempting a very different kind of crochet bunny for my niece who will be one next week, i am hoping it has just as much character as your xox Enjoy your needle felting. xPenny

  2. Trish

    Can’t say I blame Higgins for building nests, but it doesn’t help your cushions! We still have lots of snow on the ground from last week and I feel like nest building too.

  3. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    Love the Higgins photo’s. I’m really hoping that the weather will start improving, I think we’ve all had enough of the snow and bitter winds. Wishing you a good week and I look forward to seeing your needle felt.

    Jan x

  4. Patchwork Fairy

    The look on Higgins’ face is so cute! Strangely I can look at him in your special blanket and think it’s sweet but if our dog went on our sofa like that she’d get short shrift!!

  5. knitnrun4sanity

    Higgins sounds really sensible – you will have to knit or crochet him a lovely warm outfit to keep him warm on those cold walks.

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I loved it although need help with the face!

  6. Free Spirit Designs

    He he aww poor Higgins, i know just how he feels! Our little whippet is the same, never happier than when snuggled up in the comfiest blanket he can find 🙂

    I love your bunny rabbit, he would be lovely to cuddle up with i’m sure! x

  7. wendy

    I love the photos of the guilty Higgins! Also love that bunny pattern. Hope your weather improves soon – we’ve had a bit of very welcome sunshine up here (hoping it lasts!) 🙂

  8. Louise @Elsie May and Bertha

    I know how Higgins feels, though I’ve not started to chew the corners of cushions yet! But the desire to hibernate has been really bad this year!
    Looking forward to seeing your felt piece when it is completed.

  9. Adaliza

    Love that your background is sprouting blossom – our cherry tree is SO slow this year. Waiting for Spring seems to be a national pastime. Glad your business is doing well and you’re exploring different avenues – me too!

  10. lisa

    I am not a doggy person but oh bless just look at those eyes!!! How could you tell him off while he’s looking at you like that! Great photos

  11. Pickle-Lily

    What lovely photos – Higgins is just so photogenic! Looking forward to seeing what comes next, but sometimes it’s good just to stop for a while. Happy Easter, Jo x

  12. Christmas Pie Crafts

    Such a cheeky look on Higgins face. Looking forward to h=reading about your new venture. You sound so busy and really enjoying it. Fingers crossed spring isn’t too far away. Hope you have a good week.

  13. Bev Newman

    Good luck with the Open Studio’s my friend and I are hoping to do it next year. I love reading about Higgins antics – he sounds just like a cat we used to have – sorry Higgins 🙂 I hope the changes you’re making will work well fro you and Planet Penny. Having a hiatus is no bad thing sometimes either as it gives us a chance to try new things and think about what we want x

  14. Martha

    Love the photos of Higgings! Looking guilty or not, you just cant throw him out of this cosy blanket 🙂
    the photos made me smile 🙂

  15. Mrs. Micawber

    Higgins looks so cosy … and who can blame him for wanting to just curl up and be warm? I know the feeling.

    Good luck with the needlefelting project! And I love the bunny (especially his ear lining fabric).

    What a gorgeous wide blue sky in your last photo.

    P.S. I see your background twigs are sprouting spring-like blossoms. Let’s hope for some real ones soon. 🙂

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