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As you may have gathered, I’m in the run up to taking part in the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios again at the end of May and there are quite a  few little extras which I need to get in place so it all goes smoothly. One of the essentials are eye catching business cards, the sort that people keep because they are pretty!  I discovered MOO a year or so ago, and took advantage of their introductory offer of 10 free business cards.  I was so pleased when they arrived that I immediately order a boxful and have used them ever since.  It’s nice to have a card which when you offer one to someone it becomes a talking point. Designing on line is really easy, and you can download a PDF to see exactly how your designs look before you finalise your order. Theoretically you can have a different image on every card, which is a great idea but I never have time to take advantage it.  Also, I found on occasions that people have actually wanted to look through the selection so they can choose one, and if I had 100 individual  designs that would be a bit of a pain! This is my current selection…Moo Business cards Not long after I received this order I was contacted by MOO to see if I would like to promote their cards with a giveaway for Planet Penny readers, and I’m always really happy to share good stuff with you all.  There’s not just one, but THREE prizes!

This then is what it’s all about… “Who are MOO? They make business cards and just love to print – whether it’s creative business card design, MiniCards, Postcards, Stickers, Holiday Cards and much more! Born a desire to create beautiful, high-quality print and design, they make it super easy for anyone to make your own unique business cards. MOO are proud to be business card printingspecialists – either upload your own images or graphics to create truly creative cards, or you can opt for a designer template and customise with your own details. Competition Prizes:   THREE winners receive either a set of 50 Classic business cards or 100 MiniCards.   How to Enter The Giveaway…  

To be in with a chance of winning one of the MOO prizes, simply post a comment on this post and tell us why your designs will stand out from the rest! We’re looking for fun, creative and quirky answers, the best will win! Winners will be selected from the comments! Please enter a valid email address so we are able to contact you.” I’ve since ordered postcards which look stunning Moo postcards that’s bit of preparation for next month out of the way. MOO cards The Giveaway will be open until next Sunday and  the MOO team and I are looking forward to reading your comments.

I’m linking up again with Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour so don’t forget to pay a visit to see what everyone’s been making over the week.

I’ll be back soon, have a great week…x

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32 thoughts on “MOO Giveaway at Planet Penny!

  1. mrspao

    I make sterling silver knitted jewellery and I’m planning on taking some lovely new photos with yarn and knitted pieces together 🙂

  2. CatkinJane

    Moo cards do look beautiful – I keep hearing about them but am yet to try! I’m sure when I can make my mind up about which images to use I will join the Moo fan club 🙂

  3. Teje

    Thank you Penny for a great give away! Your cards are beautiful and I have looked Moo’s fantastic cards but till now had to make my cards on my own. I enjoy photographing my works outside and I think ‘my eye’ finds often fun way to connect my works with nature – and always of course under the Cretan sunshine! Teje from nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Ginny

    What a great giveaway. I have some very dodgy homemade business cards, and would love to have something cool and professional. Main thing I would like would be to get some photos of my quirky realistic nature knits on the cards.

  5. Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    I love Moo cards ever since a fellow blogger passed me one of theirs at Blogcamp, I was pee green with envy 😉 I love the selection of photo’s you have used – so eye catching. I would love to capture some of my antique china cups and saucers, cakes and some of the wonderful flowers from my garden.


  6. Simmi

    I can’t see the pics on your post 🙁 But I am sure your Moo cards look great – I’ve never seen any I didn’t like!! I have been using them for a couple of years and my only problem is that I don’t want to give them away, I want to keep them all, but if I won, I’d put my Campervans and VW Beetles on them and watch them ‘drive’ off into potential customers’ pockets! (Groan!) Simmi x

  7. Tickled Pink

    I love MOO cards and have them too (and postcards). Their service is second to none and the quality is fabulous.
    My buzzy bees and ladybirds would look stunning on a new set and cheer us all up in this (still) dismal Spring. xx

  8. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    What a great Moo giveaway, I think having my own artwork on business cards is a great idea, it would be like giving a gift to everyone who received one.

    Your cards look lovely, I especially like the cutie little sheep.

    Jan x

  9. Joanna

    Hello Plannet Penny. The whole site looks so colorful and engaging but your cards even more cheerful.
    I like using different shades of colour in my works with reference to the colours of nature.
    You have a really nice collection of Moo cards.

  10. Gertie

    The sheep on your cards are adorable. No wonder people want to take one of each.

    Sadly I have no need for business cards but I’m sure if the need arises then I’ll bear Moo in mind xx

  11. wendy

    Those cards are wonderful, so bright
    and cheery ? Such cute little mice.
    And I loved the sheep head you did.

    wendy in oz

  12. jane

    I would ‘moo’ with delight if I won this prize. I am just about to set up my craft business after relocating back to the UK and these would be perfect.

  13. With U in Mind

    MOO do the best business card! I used to used another company and was never really happy. I have just about run out of my first lot and like you I am looking to do a print with a number of different designs. Great value for money and very quick delivery too. Can’t fault ’em.

  14. Lucie

    I would ‘twit twoo’ if I was able to feature my lovely owls on these gorgeous business cards. What a lasting impression they would make on my craft stall!

  15. vera palmer

    After 25 years of craft fairs the time has come to “go internet” instead of getting up at stupid hours to pack the car and drive to the venues. I make children’s quilts and sock dollies and my quirky Sockys would look really good on cards–I’ve never thought of doing that before. Wonderful idea!!

  16. Natalie Jones

    Those cards are amazing! I’d love to feature my various makes on the cards, although my photo’s may not really do the cards justice! I’ve not heard of Moo before – I shall find out more!

  17. Little Harriet

    Thank you for telling us about Moo. I have been thinking about getting myself some business cards so it must be fate!
    My designs will stand out from the rest because the jewellery I make is unique and shiny! I think I must be part magpie!

  18. Anna

    My little felty items are lonely! They don’t like being in cyberspace all alone. They want to nestle together in a little business card holder all jumbled up together with their friends!

  19. Emma

    My partner and I work in various needle arts and I’m also a photographer. I’d love to have my photos on business cards. My photos are bright and eye catching and show the sort of things we do. I have some great photos of animals I’d put on cards. Kangaroos with their tongues sticking out or Elvis the wild King Parrot coming up close and checking out my camera or the geese next door. They’re always hilarious photos.

  20. Christmas Pie Crafts

    The designs and colours available from Moo would make my business cards really stand out and attract attention. As very often business cards are the first thing people turn to for information, they need to be special.

    Hope you have a good week.

  21. Hetty Rosepepper

    My motto as a crafter is that I make “lovely things to make your home smile”. I really truly believe there is a joy and beauty in finding just the right special something to be part of your home, your family and your memories and I try very hard to put that feeling into everything I make…I want it to be as right as I can possibly make it..and then some… that is why I craft… for the sheer joy of it. So why would my moo cards be special? because they would make you smile deep inside and share in my joy.

  22. Tracy

    I wanted to leave a witty comment, but began thinking about the meaning of business cards.
    The saying goes that the eyes are the windows of the soul – if so then business cards are the windows onto the soul of a business.
    I would love some Moo cards to show my creative soul.

  23. Naomi

    I would love some business cards for my website! Mine would stand out because I have quite an eye-catching background on my website, and I’d incorporate the hover colour of my navigation buttons in the design which is a nice vivid blue.

    I also really love how your postcards are actually 3 dimensional, so I think I’d use a 3D font.

  24. Pat

    Thank you Penny for sharing your creative designs. I think “Lilly”, my big Maine Coon cat would look lovely wearing some of my knitted booties and bonnet!

  25. Pickle-Lily

    First, thank-you for such a great giveaway, and next … Winning moo cards would be moo-sic to my ears as they would moo-ve my cards into customers hands as they moo-ch my stall and make us all have a happy moo-d! I’d be over the moo-n!

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  27. Penelope

    Hi Penny
    I am loving your moo postcards, just gorgeous. I am not entering the competition as I don’t have a business to promote but just wanted to say that i have seen other artists using moo cards before and they are very good quality and feel so nice xxx Penny

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