Daisy, Daisy….


I promised a daisy post and while they are still shining vibrantly in the lane I’m fitting in this little post.

I love daisies, don’t you?  They are the simplest flower, their shape is the one we first learn to draw, the one we doodle while we are on the phone.  They are a link to childhood… did you sit on the school playing field in the sun making daisy chains with friends as I did?  And they have become very much linked with the Open Studios season, as each year the edge of the lane leading to the studio is lined with a mass of Ox Eye Daisies…

ox eye daisy down the lane

Daisy and dog

Last year Kit, my Open Studios partner-in-crime, was inspired by the daisies as you can see from this post  and turned her sketches into a beautiful little etching.   I treated myself to a pack of cards as they are perfect for personalised letters…

Daisy Card

And that would have been all, but for the new book which I reviewed last weekend.  Caroline Zoob, writing in the The Hand-Stitched Home featured a beautiful curtain, patchworked from vintage lawn and lace.

The Hand-Stitched Home curtain

 It would take ages to amass such a wonderful collection but, nothing daunted, I called into our local charity shop just in case someone had been clearing out Miss Haversham’s attic!

Well, they hadn’t..but in a pile of textile odds and end I found a little crumpled treasure which, carefully washed, starched and ironed revealed…daisies!  It’s a wonderful piece of hand stitched cut work on fine lawn, a little frayed in places but this, I think, adds to the charm…

daisy cutwork

Unfortunately my name isn’t Susan…

cut work Susanbut for 25 pence – 25 PENCE! – that’s a minor detail…

cutwork cloth

I have been debating for a week or two what to put in the little window in the new door into my office.  I’m not a fan of nets, I didn’t want to lose the light but I just wanted to hide the interior from prying eyes if anyone called while I was out.  This small piece is perfect and with the help of some  pins I covered with vintage fabric a while ago I have my own little bright white curtain…

lace and pin

lace and pins

pin and lace

window with cutwork cloth

And 25p was well spent, I think you’ll agree!

If you’ve been inspired, there’s still a chance for you to win a copy of The Vintage Home.  Visit the post and leave a comment, what’s your sewing story?


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7 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy….

  1. Penny

    I too am adoring all the daisies in the hedgerows and country pathways Penny, i was a little naughty and picked some for my new charity shop vase. I too am not a fan of net curtains and would have done just what you have with that pretty daisy linen piece to stop prying eyes. Great pic of Higgins x happy sunshine weekend xox Penny

  2. Toffeeapple

    I have quite a few bits of vintage fabrics like those, but no small window to dress with them. They sit near my laptop so I can stroke them though.

    I am a BIG fan of Daisies.

  3. Pat

    Hi Penny, your photo of the daisies is beautiful! What a great idea for a window covering. And, it means so much more than just a plain piece of regular fabric. Very creative indeed!

  4. Mrs. Micawber

    I am seeing lots of daisies on my bike rides – they are the most cheerful flower. Can anyone look at a daisy and not smile?

    What a lovely little bit of cutwork … and should you ever decide to dispense with it – ahem – my name IS Susan. 🙂 I like your buttons too.

    Higgins looks perfect running alongside that bank of daisies.

  5. RosMadeMe

    Brilliant window covering, I love old linens. There is nothing like the smell of a hot iron on damp starched fabric… Am now back in my childhood being taught to press it from the back to make the embroidery stand out. Happy days!

  6. SmitoniusAndSonata

    A brillant idea … sparklingly fresh and very pretty !
    No oxeye daisies here , but the clouds of Queen Anne’s Lace everywhere have made me long for pillow cases , edged with vintage tatting .

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