Turf, Surf and Needlefelt Birds

A mixed bag post today, I’ve been lurking inside a lot consoling myself with needlefelt because of the unseasonably cold weather, but then rejoicing in sunshine and warmth when at last we get a brief indication that it’s actually summertime!  I’m only wearing TWO layers today, and no thermal fleece!

The wind seems to have blown constantly for months in this part of the UK and we live in the windiest corner of the village, near the remains of the old mill.  Wind always seems to make everything worse, doesn’t it?  Colder, and so noisy with it whistling around the chimney.  Yesterday’s walk was a bit scary, with small branches being blown off the trees.  I wasn’t sorry to see some rain for the garden though, and Higgins was relieved that the thunderstorm which hit Norwich skirted around us.  Despite all this Mother Nature is flourishing in the hedgerows…

dog rose

green lane

pink campion

white flowerThe grass is long enough now to ripple in the wind like water, and is such a lush green…

grassy meadow

Norfolk field miniature dachshund

But, in true English fashion today the weather is completely different.  The sunshine in the garden brought the bees to the chive flowers…

chive flower and beeI know you are supposed to snip the flowers off if you want nice chives for kitchen use, but how can I deprive the poor bees?

bee on chive flowers

chives with bee

Such a beautiful morning was too good to waste, so Higgins and I headed to the beach before breakfast.  What could be better than a deserted Norfolk beach in the sunshine?

Norfolk beach

The sand is gradually returning after being scoured by the winter gales.  Only a couple of weeks ago this stretch was down to red clay.

Norfolk beach and sunHiggins was very happy..

Norfolk beach and miniature dachshundAnd quite intrepid too in the shallows…

miniature dachshund at the beach

Miniature dachshund paddling…and the pools…

Miniature dachshund in pool

Back home I’m getting ready for the first Needlefelt Workshop next weekend at Art’s Desire Craft Lounge in Norwich.  The first one is all booked up and the second one is filling but fear not, further dates have been added to the calendar!  The   Birds on a Branch piece I created for Open Studios last year is in the shop window because we’ll be making birds, of all descriptions…

needlefelt birds on a branchThis is my latest flight of fancy….

Needlefelt birds

Needlefelt and feather birds

Feather and Needlefelt birds Happy, not Angry Birds!

And, in case you were wondering, there is a winner for last week’s  giveaway of a copy of Caroline Zoob’s gorgeous book, The Hand-Stitched Home.  Thank you, to everyone who entered  with wonderful stitching memories, I really enjoyed reading them.  It seems for every school day horror there was also a wonderful teacher or relative who passed on their own love of the subject.

It  was so hard to choose, I wanted everyone to win, but there’s only one copy of the book!

Please imagine the drum roll, or the pregnant pause beloved of TV Games shows so that I can announce…the winner is… Nikki Pierce who writes her own blog Tales from Swallow Barn.

Congratulations Nikki, I hope you enjoy your copy of the book and that we see some of your creations on your blog before too long (No pressure or anything!)

I’m off now to put the kettle on.  I hope you’ve got your feet up with a cuppa too!

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon…

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14 thoughts on “Turf, Surf and Needlefelt Birds

  1. Toffeeapple

    Love the birds, you are so creative. Love the shots of Higgins too, sweet thing.
    Love the images of your countryside too, beautiful.
    Thank you for the link to Nikki’s blog, something else for me to read…

  2. mrsbrownmakes

    I got caught in that thunderstorm in Norwich! Perfectly timed as always with a quick walk to the shops – and yet lovely gardening weather today. Have you tried eating the chive flowers? They look great in salads.

  3. Lilly's Mom

    Hi Penny, the needlefelt birds are so cute sitting on that little branch. I bought my felting supplies last year but haven’t got around to making anything yet. Maybe one day….Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. Celia

    The birds are so happy-making Penny!

    I’m envious that you and Higgins can pop over to the beach before breakfast – it’s a 2hour each way drive for me

  5. Louise @Elsie May and Bertha

    The beach is looking lovely where you are. Our beach in New Brighton isn’t quite as expansive and it’s been a bit warmer over the past few days.
    I love those new birds with the fluffy bits and feathers. They’d look lovely stamding in a row along a twig. Your students for the needle felt classes are so lucky to be learning to make them!
    Have a great week.

  6. wendy

    Love seeing higgins having fun at the beach!! Chives are wonderful and pretty so I also let those flowers happen lol I love the angry bird game but do LIKE your happy birds xoxo

  7. Gertie

    Looks like you and Higgins had a great time out together.

    Your little birds are so cute. I love the photo with their back to the camera showing everyone their lovely tails xx

  8. KateUK

    Penny, you can eat the chive flowers- particularly delicious in potato salad, just check there are no bees before you crumble them into the chopped potato…wonderful hit of honey followed by intense onionychiveness.My chives are smothered in flowers this year, despite the chill.

  9. Nikki Pierce

    Hi Penny

    Thank you SOOOOO much for choosing me as the winner – I am so excited to win the book, and I can’t wait to get stitching! I will definitely post up what I make on my blog, I’ve already got my eye on the shelf edging for my larder.

    Love your birds – I wish I could needlefelt but my efforts to date have been a flop!


  10. Gillian Silver

    Hi Penny!
    I’ve found my way here from Etsy ( I’m WideSkyPapercrafts there) and I’m a fellow rural Norfolk – dweller ( near Wymondham)
    I love your little felted birds in the last post and I love your photos of the beach! Looks wonderful – we tend to go to the North Norfolk coast, but I’m guessing this is somewhere on the East coast? I obviously need to explore more…!

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