Perfecting the Art of Procrastination…

…or  indecisiveness…

Which is it?  I can’t make up my mind!

So here’s the problem.  I have done quite a few things over the past few weeks, have LOADS of photos and I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days being completely unable to write a blog post about anything because there’s TOO MUCH STUFF…

Which means I either never write another post, or I just metaphorically throw everything in the air, grab some bits here and there and see what happens.

We went to the Knitting and Stitching show a couple of weeks ago.  So much to see, and some amazing exhibitions.  I hope to follow up on some of the interesting stalls at a later date but in the meantime, well, I did treat myself.  Last time I went, a couple of years ago I fell in love with the wonderful Throw kits on the Colinette stand but there was such a huge choice I just couldn’t make up my mind, and have been kicking myself ever since.  I don’t know when I’m going to get time to make it, but this time I did buy one at the special show price  I wish you could feel how wonderfully soft and warm the yarn is, and the colours are fabulous…

perugino skylark throw Colinette

 My other great buy was a pinnie from Alison Hulme Textiles

Alison Hulme Pinnie

Hand printed by Alison on denim, it’s almost a dress!  It’s a good extra layer, will fit over a woolly jumper and has two big deep pockets so it’s a perfect work uniform for me when I’m in the studio.

And then I went off to the seaside…

Just a few days on the South Coast and it was lovely.  There was lots of weather…

Bright and breezy…


IMG_2310Wild and windy…



…and peaceful.



A teachers strike meant I had a precious day with my grandsons, a trip to the Observatory Science Centre which I enjoyed as much as they did!  I was allowed to have ago on all the scientific apparatus and no one told me I was too tall, or old to join in, and a tour of one of the telescopes.  A great way to entertain a granny!


Now I’m home I’m gradually unpacking all the things put away to make way for the decorator and seeing them in a fresh light.  It’s so easy to stop actually ‘seeing’ things, isn’t it. when you’ve had them a long time in the same place.  I’ve got shelves in a redundant fireplace which is ideal for china and other small and fragile pieces.  It spent several years with a perspex sheet screwed to the front when the boys were small, so with another little one coming along in the New Year, I need to make the most of it before we have to replace the perspex!



It’s all been a bit slow on the making front, alas.  I’ve been suffering from RSI in my elbow and operating the mouse and the crochet hook seems to be the culprit, which is so frustrating.  I really want to write a pattern for the Christmas balls I’ve been making with the Planet Penny Cotton which requires lots of crochet experiments and ‘mouse work’ for the photos, and rest is really the only answer for RSI.

I’ve been good though and have only done a bit here and a bit there so I hope it won’t be too long before I’m back up to speed.

crochet Christmas balls Planet Penny Cotton

 Christmas crochet  balls Planet Penny Cotton

crochet Christmas balls -  Planet Penny CottonGetting my rainbow colour fix is always good for the spirits!

Well, I have both Henry and Higgins telling me it’s teatime and although they are an hour too early I won’t get much peace right now!

If you are in the UK and are watching out for the weather warnings for tomorrow’s predicted storm as we are here, keep safe and warm.

See you soon…x

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12 thoughts on “Perfecting the Art of Procrastination…

  1. Penny

    Those Christmas balls are beautiful Penny. I’m sorry to hear about your RSI, nasty. I do hope it soon soothes away. Looks like you have had 2 lovely adventures into London and here on the coast. I managed to go to the Sussex Guild of weavers and dying and spinning and got a glimpse of what a big exhibition would be like like at Alexander Palace. It made me giggle at all watching all these very old grannies grabbing and pushing at all the stalls :o) Take care lovely Penny xox

  2. Helen

    You’ve got some beautiful pictures, it sounds like you’ve had a nice time with the exception of the RSI. How about swapping hands for using the mouse and that will take one pressure point away. I learned how to use my left hand for the mouse years ago so that if I needed to write something I had a clear space to do it on the right side of my computer. I won’t suggest trying to relearn how to hold a crochet hook, that would probably be nigh on impossible!
    xXx Helen

  3. Penny

    For a procrastinator you’ve sure been busy! The RSI is horrible though… Thank you for your entertaining blog and joyful style of writing. 🙂

  4. Peeriemoot

    I go through patches like that where I have Too Much Stuff to blog about so I get frozen by indecision and end up not blogging! Sorry to hear about the RSI – take it easy, it really is the only thing to do. Very frustrating though, I know. I hope it clears up soon :-).

  5. KateUK

    Couldn’t get to Ally Pally this year- rather missed my fix, but the bank balance is all the fitter for it! Colinette yarns are just gorgeous….

  6. Alison

    The rainbow balls look fab. I have almost finished a ripple blanket for my son and can’t wait to continue the rainbow ripple with your cotton, its just such a pleasure to work with.
    I hope the storms aren’t too bad, last night here in the south sounded awful, so dread tonight.
    Take care.

  7. Chris Gill

    Doesn’t look much like procrastination to me! Hope the RSI doesn’t bother you too much. Keep safe in the storm. Fo once, we seem likely to avoid it up here in the frozen north.

  8. Lucy Bishop

    Hi Penny,
    I really like your blog, and stumbled across it from channel 4?s recommendation page. I especially love the Christmas balls, and your gorgeous china! I collected loads of vintage china for my wedding into 2012 – I still have my favourite pieces on a dresser in my dining room.
    I also write a blog, but crafting is only a small element of my lifestyle page – I do love crafting but don’t get so much time as I’m a new mum with a 10 week old son. I do however have a cool competition/giveaway running at the moment to win a ‘CRAFTING MAKES ME HAPPY’ print from Tea & Ceremony, which I thought you & your readers might be interested in.
    You can enter the rafflecopter giveaway at
    All the best
    Lucy x

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