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Christmas Countdown – Day Three

It’s Day Three of the Christmas Countdown and I’ve got a spot of paper folding for you.  I loved Origami as a child and I think the one and only book on the subject in our local library spent more time at my house than on the library shelves!  I only found out about these simple little stars made from paper strips relatively recently, though, and these are the ones I made last year for the Advent Calendar.  (click the photo below to find the instructions)

origami stars Christmas Countdown day 3

Planet Penny Advent Calendar – Day Three

Brightly coloured folded paper balls are spectacular, and you have to be pretty neat fingered and accurate.  However, I think once you’ve made them you would want to have them on display all year round, not just Christmas time!

Origami Lights Christmas Countdown Day 3


These snowflakes and Santas are very jolly and brightly coloured, aren’t they?  The website the picture is linked to has little videos to show you how to make them.  I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but if you do I love to know how you get on!

origami snowflakes Christmas Countdown Day 3

Origami Maniacs

I had a craze for making paper cranes a while back and filled the family Christmas tree!  I sourced some metallic and iridescent Origami sheets which looked really pretty.

origami cranes


These stars make a pretty garland…

origami stars large
Design Detective

…and going back to the simple little stars at the beginning, this would make a stunning centrepiece for the Christmas table wouldn’t it?

star tree


Enjoy the links and have fun with the paper folding, I’m itching to have a go myself now!

Until tomorrow…x

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