Christmas Countdown – Day Five

We’ve got swags and garlands for Day Five of the Christmas Countdown.

(I’ve just been completely diverted by going back to the original blog post about the making of this garland and reliving a moment from 2009!  That’s what’s so lovely about writing a blog, isn’t it?)

Anyway, the link below will take you to a tutorial for this particular Christmas Garland…

Garland - Chriustmas Countdown Day 5

Planet Penny Advent Calendar – Day Five

The next one was for sale at Anthropologie, but I don’t think it taxes the imagination too much to work out how to make something similar…

Felt Wreath Christmas Countdown Day 5


Pompoms again! I love them…

pompom wreath - christmas countdown day 5


I sooooo want a stags head!  Not a real one you understand, that wouldn’t be kind, but I would have such fun dressing it up like this… and the crochet garland is very pretty too!

reindeer head - Christmas Countdown Day 5

And here’s a really pretty idea, and simple enough to do with the children.

This one is for sale on Etsy but Blooming Felt has a fantastic range of thick 100% wool fleece and felt balls for a project like this…

Felted Garland - Christmas Countdown Day 5

Andfinally, a scrap bag garland, made by knotting fabric strips onto a wire ring base, or onto thick string to make a garland…

scrap wreath - Christmas Countdown Day 5

Crafts & DIY

I’m off to look for a stag’s head…I’ll be back tomorrow!

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