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Christmas Countdown – Day Six

Day Six on the Christmas Countdown… and last year I was thinking about pinning things,  and it wasn’t anything to do with Pinterest either!  There’s always stuff to pin up at Christmas from Christmas Cards to shopping lists so pretty pins are always useful for the pinboard, whether it’s in the kitchen or the workroom.  I made these last year and if you follow the link below you can find out how.  They are very easy, and packed in a pretty, decorated glass jar would make a great stocking filler for a crafty friend.

covered thumbtacks - Christmas Countdown day 6

Planet Penny Advent Calendar 2012 – Day Six

A good use of bottle tops here, you’d have to remember to be v-e-r-y gentle with the bottle opener to keep them neat!

Bottle top thumb tacks - Christmas Countdown Day 6

Martha Stewart

We’re back to buttons again here, is there no end to their uses?  You can even fasten clothes with them, you know!

button thumb tacks - Christmas Countdown Day 6

The Crafted Sparrow

This candle idea is fun, and very easy.  I feel like I have to do a Health and Safety thing here….take the pins out before the candle burns down to them… never leave burning candles unattended…not suitable for children under 36 months…

How about not lighting the candle at all, just stand back and admire!

thumb tack candle - Christmas Countdown Day 6

Activity Village

This next requires a serious amount of drawing pins, and maybe an account at the stationers…

thumb tack tree - Christmas Countdown Day 6


But oranges,  lemons and limes would all look good with this treatment, if you’re not tempted to put them all in the mulled wine!

oranges & thumbtacks


It’s not time for mulled wine alas, but I am in need of a cup of coffee so I’ll say…

…until tomorrow…x


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