Christmas Countdown – Day Twenty One

Day twenty one of the Christmas Countdown…it’s the shortest day, and the longest night.  A good time to be thinking about candles I think!

Last year for the Advent Calendar I made these tealight holders from an assortment of pretty jars I had collected …

tea lights - Christmas Countdown

Planet Penny Advent Calendar – Day Twenty one

I would love to fill my mantelpiece with little houses…

tin houses - Christmas Countdown

Adorable Home

And maybe next Christmas I could do it with card (although I’d stock up with battery powered tealights first of course!) These look very simple to do…

paper houses Christmas Countdown

Craft Ideas

…and there is a template…

card houses Christmas Countdown

Craft Ideas

And if all else fails you could raid the kitchen…

jelly mold tea light holders


tea lights in ladles - Christmas Countdown

Kick Can and Conkers

I’ve had my own lighting story yesterday.  As we will be visiting the family for Christmas and won’t be here for the actual day I decided it would be a waste to buy a large tree this year, I would use the little one I had for the fair.  It’s pot grown and a lovely shape, just very small.

I decorated it when I was full of cold and I admit my heart wasn’t in it.  The old lights from the big tree looked ridiculous and every time I looked at it I cringed.  It was all decided for me when the old lights died.  I got up yesterday morning, removed all the decorations, headed to the nearest town where fairy lights were reduced and bought not just one, but two sets.  The tree is now re-decorated and lit and the room has fairy lights all around it and I feel soooo much more festive!

All set for younger son and daughter plus their ‘significant others’ to join us this evening to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the drawing out of the days…

I’ll be back tomorrow…x

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown – Day Twenty One

  1. Penny

    Dearest Penny
    I love your festive tea light holders, such a clever idea. I have loved your crafty Advent calendar this year, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into them. I hope you have a wonderful time this evening and I’m so pleased your home has become cosy and full of fairy light festivity xox Penny

  2. Christine Harding

    I know it’s a silly question, but how do you get the jars clean? I can never get the paper labels and glue off – it’s fairly well hidden under woollen crochet ‘cosies’, but shows through most other coverings, and can affect the quality of light from tea light,or candle.

  3. Celia

    Hope you hope a lovely evening Penny. I love the description of your little tree and new lights.
    I put tea lights in our collection of vintage pressed glass jugs, celery jars and tumblers, and line them up on the window sill.

    btw the previous hiccough was caused by failure to comment through Bloglovin!

    C xx

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