Hooray for the Little Red Hen!

Little Red Hen Ladybird Book

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This is the version of the Little Red Hen story I remember from way back in primary school, how we loved our Ladybird books!

We got to talking about it the other day because my friend Kit was reminiscing about her mum, sadly long gone, who used to quote the Little Red Hen when she had failed to get anyone else to do the necessary thing, whatever it was.

‘ “Then I’ll do it myself,” said the Little Red Hen. And so she did.’

I have been chuntering for ages about the overgrown state of my vegetable patch.  It always needs the most attention when I’m tied up with the run up to Open Studios and it’s got more and more overgrown, weedy and wild every season.  However, over the past two weeks I have channelled my inner Little Red Hen and I DID IT MYSELF!

It looks great….I’m exhausted!  I’ve filled a skip bag with rubbish, the beds are topped up with fresh compost and my little mini cold frame cum green house is crammed full of seed trays and seedlings.

Higgins has tried very hard to help.

Miniature Dachshund

Taking the little fences away from the raised beds has meant he could do lots in the way of turning over the soil, and then firming it down afterwards.dachshund in raised bed

He’s carried the trowel about helpfully (and put it away tidily where it couldn’t be lost)veg patch

More little fences have turned into a priority if any of the seedlings are going to make it to maturity once they have been planted out.  Higgins has history, remember the Mixed Greens?

Did you spot the laburnum tree?  This year it’s being completely wonderful – it alternates – and it’s very special as it was a seedling from the one in my parents’ garden.laburnum

And the bees LOVE it! For the last week or so, ever since the very first buds opened the air around the tree has been throbbing with the sound of very happy little bees…listen to this…

So this is why it’s been a little quiet here over the past week, and now there’s a lot of catching up to do.

While all this was going on the Green Man went off to the Forum in Norwich for the Open Studios Taster Exhibition – you can just see him dangling next to the patchwork…

Forum, Norwich NNOS taster exhibition

Taster Exhibition – setting up

Now it’s all systems go for the main event, which starts on May 24th.

You might like to see a glimpse of the other exhibition which was running at the same time, the most amazing knitted and crochet pergola which was made to raise funds for a local charity…

knitted pergola - John Grooms Court

knitted pergola detail

Just amazing, isn’t it?  There’s an interesting post on The Mercerie blog which will tell you more about it.

My next challenge is turning the studio into an exhibition space…eek!  I’ve just got so much STUFF.

And I haven’t forgotten about those extra little Boxes of Delight.…  2014-04-28 21.37.50

The challenge now is seeing just what I can squeeze inside, so watch this space, I’ll be back soon…x

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10 thoughts on “Hooray for the Little Red Hen!

  1. Alison

    Ah now Penny, you didn’t really think it was your garden patch did you. Looks like it belongs to someone else. A bit like the chair at the end of my garden, well it was my chair, but the rabbit is always sitting in it!!! Love the look of the pergola, will be off to read more about it. Love the little boxes too. Take care. Alison

  2. Patch

    I remember that book. Do you remember another Ladybird one called Tootles the Taxi? It was a really old fashioned book when I was little, goodness knows when it was written! We loved it but sadly have lost our copy and never seen it anywhere since.

  3. Sue

    I think all married women can identify with the LRH … 😀

    That laburnum is stunning, and Higgins is his usual beguiling self. His fur looks so glossy in the tray photo.

    Good luck with the exhibition!

  4. Lorna

    I remember that book from school – Beaky the Greedy Duck was my favourite. Your garden is looking lovely. I am amazed by the crochet pergola it looks absolutely fabulous. Off to have a look at that blog now, Thank you for the link

  5. 54paintings

    Aaaargh, the crazines of Open Studio preparation! All hands to the pumps! Hope it goes well for you this year.

  6. Jean

    Gosh you’re busier than me, and that’s busy.Thank goodness you’ve got Higgins to help you’d never get anything done without him.
    Jean x

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