The Penguins Party!

I’m a bit obsessed with penguins at the moment!

I saw the John Lewis advert last week (the beginning of November for heaven’s sake, far too early…but adorable all the same!)

…and in a parallel universe I would definitely have a pet penguin, Higgins would love a little friend.

However, it got me thinking about making something a bit different this year for my stall at the Two Rivers Trail Festive Fair.  With that in mind I’ve made some needlefelt penguins and I thought I’d drop in here for some opinions…

So here’s my little Penguin Party…

needlefelt penguinsAnd the question is, do I or don’t I add little knitted scarves, and would they be better with or without a hanger for the tree?  I’ve thought about too much and need a second opinion! What you think?

And finally thank you you for the lovely comments after my last post.  It’s so good to know you enjoy calling in to Planet Penny.  Higgins, as always, is basking in the admiration of his fans (and really doesn’t want to play second fiddle to some silly penguins!)  Back soon…x

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15 thoughts on “The Penguins Party!

  1. fiddlyfingers

    No scarves, they look cute as they are. If you add a hanger, I think it would be best in black and then it would blend in when not in use. These are to die for though, just gorgeous 🙂

  2. Alison

    Penny they are great. I agree with fiddlyfingers, if you put a loop on black so it blends if they are not hung up.

  3. Melva Rice

    Wonderful! I love them as they are but they would look great with scarves or beanies too! Why not do some of each then they will take on individual characters!

  4. knutty knitter

    I sold penguins for years here – I’d say half with hangers and half without and I always had a needle and suitable thread to add one in an instant if needed:) I don’t think those need scarves either – they are really adorable just as they are!


  5. Magic Cochin

    You are so on trend Penny 😉

    I agree with those that said – no scarves and option of with and without hangers.

    Good luck! They’ll fly off your stall… oh, penguins can’t fly… flap, waddle…

  6. Teje

    Hi Penny! These are so cute – no need for scarf – I like they look like in nature. For the hanging, perhaps both as knutty knitter said. x Teje

  7. Jean Birch-Leonard

    So Penny, I would concur with most of your readers, no scarves. But i would say a matt gold hanger would look more splendid and festive. I’m sure they will sell really well.


  8. Carol Henderson

    I think that although they are cute as they are, I would like to see them in a red scarf. Sorry.

    Thank you for a lovely easy to read blog.

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