A Trip to the South…

Flagpole at Bexhill South England

Well, the south of England anyway!

I’ve just had very much needed mini break by the sea, courtesy of my lovely son and daughter-in-law who live a stone’s throw from the sea front.  I’ve just been going through my photos, and I’m wondering just how many pictures of the sea you actually want to see, I’ve taken so many!

I know I must have sea water in my blood because my family on both sides go back hundreds of years as merchant seamen, Master Mariners and very probably, pirates!  Both my father and my paternal grandfather became Bristol Channel pilots after years in command of their own ships, so I’m really not surprised that when I want to relax my mind and body, my thoughts turn seawards.

After all the stresses and strains of the last few months, worrying about my dear mama, and battling with my M.E., no exotic holiday destination anywhere would have been more relaxing than sitting in the little seafront cafe, Hughies with a big cappuccino and a bacon sandwich on a bright and sunny morning! (Hence my last Happy Friday image)

We had a little potter around Bexhill-on-Sea and found an exceedingly PINK shop, I do love the radio…pink radio

…and a bargain lampshade for which I have a cunning plan!

lampshade(because brown/beige is so not my colour!)

Lunch in the Little British Tea Shop which was delicious in more ways than one.

Little British Tea ShopThe next day was misty and murky so we headed inland to Lewes.  Last time we tried to go there,  the queues for the car parks seemed to start two miles out of town, so we reckoned on a damp Tuesday in February we stood more of a chance.  Lewes is very pretty, and full of interesting little shops and it was lovely to just womble about with no real plan in mind.

River at Lewes, E Sussex


There were an awful lot of extremely tempting things in this shop window…

Leadbetter&Good…but if you ever find yourself in Lewes, do make a point of visiting Abigail’s Drapery

AbigailsDrapery…and don’t be like me and only discover it ten minutes before closing time!   These beauties fill the back wall…


..and the shop’s just filled with all manner of beautiful craft materials, sewing sundries, yarn and handmade goodies.AbigailsDraperyInt

The next day it poured!  St Leonards

So we went to St Leonards to do some mountaineering in the rain…

St Leonards steps…up to Norman Road, the home of what is described as the most extraordinary haberdashery, probably in the UK where you will find…

“…vintage lace, antique buttons, espadrille canvas and more. There is an old iron tub full of random vintage buttons, sold by the cup. A fantastic and unmissable shop with a core of devotees, Wayward has slightly eccentric opening hours. Even for Norman Road.”

So worth getting wet for (and it was open!)!

The next day was glorious…

Bexhill sea

…but sadly, we were going home.

Bexhill Beach

But we’ll be heading south again before too long.beachBexhill

And I’ll be back here on Planet Penny very soon…x



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7 thoughts on “A Trip to the South…

  1. Alison

    Lewes is only a 15-20minute drive for me, but I have not been since before Christmas, must go for another wander. Gosh, little did I realise such gems were only an hour from me, I have only driven through part on St Leonards. Hope the ME picks up soon.

  2. fiddlyfingers

    Great photos! It sounds like you visited some very interesting little gems in some wonderful places. 🙂

  3. Sara

    I’m so glad you had a lovely time visiting your daughter. I like a seaside outing every now and then and it does hold happy childhood memories for me. I have to admit though that I’m not generally drawn to the sea, or in fact water at all especially lakes as I find it quite frightening. I like a good waterfall and a stream to paddle in though. It’s odd because I have a big thing about ships, I really love tall ships especially. Even stranger because I am incredibly sea sick. Still its the romance of them that I really love, the journeys they made bringing back exotic goods from the unknown worlds. I love Viking boats, and canoes too. Just from dry land or in museums.

    It’s sad to see how few bloggers are still posting these days, so nice that you still are. So many have just disappeared or not posted for weeks or months. Instagram isn’t the same, especially if you can’t sign up (no phone), so are limited by what you are allowed to see. I often wonder what the pictures are all about, I’m not sure that they do paint a thousand words.


    I soooo need to get a PASSPORT and an empty suitcase OVER “The POND” to do a bit of Seaside-SHOPPING! — Thanks for the pics of NON-frozen Water! And Store INFO! [Making notes…]

  5. pennygj Post author

    Hi Sara, Thanks for your comment. I was very interested to read what you had to say about blogging v Instagram. I use Instagram a lot, and really like it’s spontaneity, however I personally don’t feel it can ever replace writing a blog post. Knowing that there is a whole section of people for whom Instagram just won’t work makes me even more determined to keep on blogging! Many thanks x

  6. Toffeeapple

    I must agree, in all aspects, with Sara!

    What a wonderful way to relax Penny, I am glad that you could get away.

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