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Happy Friday Number 12

Are we really at number twelve already?  I can’t believe how time flies, and it seems to go even more quickly when counted off as a weekly Happy Friday!

So what’s been happy this week for me?

Well, you might have seen I wrote and published a pattern for little crochet eggs (if not, it’s the post before this one) and that’s always a moment to celebrate.  It’s quite hard work!

Historically, Easter for me has been a bit low key.  In my years as a single parent that was when my offspring went off to their other family so I would be frantically trying to distract myself from missing them madly.  But this year I have a visit from  my darling daughter and other half booked for Sunday so a tea party with dear younger son and daughter in law and adorable smallest grandson is called for.  and then the following weekend the ‘South Coast Mob’, my eldest and family, are booked for Easter.  So decorations are called for, and cake and eggs and all sorts….very exciting!

I’ve found the Easter tree decorations…

Easter Tree decorations for Happy Friday…which I haven’t seen for ages, and I’m looking forward to adding in a few more crochet eggs and other pretties over the next week in the run up to the Easter weekend.

I had the loveliest email from Linda, who bought Miranda Mouse in aid of Comic Relief.  It’s amazing to think she now all the way across the ocean and living in Arkansas!

“Miranda arrived yesterday evening, perfectly safe. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE her. She is amazing! I am so glad I have her… Your work is perfection. She has such a personality—I find myself talking to her and actually waiting for her to respond. 😎 As you are, we are having down pouring rain and wind. As soon as the sun shines, Miranda will send you a photo of her new home. I think she will like it here. She is making friends with a couple of her roommates and they are getting ready to have tea.”

Miranda couldn’t have gone to a better place!

So, how has your week been? I love reading  your Happy Friday posts.  (By the way, I do leave a comment on every post, but sometimes it seems the comments get eaten so if you don’t see one, I tried, but failed!)

Please add your link to the Linky below and remember, this is a party for everyone to join in.  Make sure your post is relevant to Happy Friday, and link back to this post so your readers can enjoy finding new posts to read.  

Happy Friday everyone….see you soon…x

Crochet Eggs for Easter

I’ve been putting all my crochet eggs in one basket this week!

crochet eggs in a basketI’ve had the whole rainbow of Planet Penny yarns in play and twiddled around until I perfected a pattern for these colourful eggs.  (I can just about do them with my eyes closed now!)   I’ve written a pattern,  which is here…Crochet eggs close up… and played around to my heart’s content arranging the eggs in jolly ways as Easter decorations.  Would you like to see?


crochet eggs on ringcrochet eggs on treetree full of crochet eggsThese are the smallest flowers I’ve made and they work really well with a french knot or a bead in the centre when you stitch them on.  I think they will now turn up all over the place!

Don’t forget, you can buy the whole rainbow of colours to make these crochet eggs at the Planet Penny Etsy shop, and there are other patterns there too.  (Made with this yarn the eggs are about 5cm/2″ long. If you use your own choice of yarn make sure you use the appropriately sized hook, the size will vary accordingly.)

See you soon…x

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