Spinning a yarn…

Probably the last thing I need right at the moment it a large consignment of yarn…

My home is full, the studio is full and also the shed.  Full of masses of stuff I’m just not ready to part with at the moment.  But hey, why not just add to the fun and throw in a mountain of colour!

And it’s worked…

Planet Penny Cotton Colours Yarn New Colours

Great excitement today when the yarn arrived.  I had samples of one of the colour collections over the weekend so I’ve already been experimenting and I’m itching to have a play with the other colours, a pastel rainbow.Plant Penny Cotton Colours pastel yarnI hope to have these ready for the Etsy shop very soon, I’ll let you know.

As a little aside, do you like cross stitch?  I’ve inherited sooo many knitting, crochet and needlecraft books from my mum and I’ve had to be stern with myself and say that the one thing I’m not going to have time for is cross stitch.  But I do have these lovely books…Cross Stitch books

…from Donna Kooler, Jane Greenhoff, Katrin Cargill, Patrice Boerens and Better Homes and Gardens.  If you are interested do get in touch via the contact form.

So, I’d better to get to work.  I have a basket of cotton yarn beckoning to me!

See you soon…x


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7 thoughts on “Spinning a yarn…

  1. Handmade by Lorna

    Your yarn colours are beautiful. I have never used cotton but I am tempted after seeing those colours. I love cross stitch but it is a slow process. The last thing I made was an advent calendar for my youngest.


    Silly Girl! You can NEVER have “enough* YARN! :-}
    BTW, loving that top colour combo!
    ahh…BOOKS… We’ve got quite the Stitchy Collection ourselves between me & Mom! Mostly thrifty/yard sale finds. And probably enough to start our own Lending Library!

  3. Carol

    Thinking about your cross stitch books………I do not do it – though admire the art when done well. My thought was perhaps you could use at least some as inspiration for your crochet – as in overlay or interweave crochet techniques using some of the cross stitch patterns as inspiration.
    Just a thought…..
    I know how exciting getting new yarn can be,.,which is why yarn is beginning to take over my house…and I STILL – if I see something particularly eye catching – will purchase enough for at least a small project…
    That pastel palette of colors is lovely – I know you’ll do something absolutely yummy with them….I look forward to seeing what you do..

  4. Alison

    Penny, it is good therapy for you to have new things on the go, just take it steady though. Just love the second colour ways. Well if I am honest love both. (To the lady who has not used cotton, it is fabulous.) Looking forward to seeing your new makes.

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