Breakfast: Heart Shaped Waffles

I can’t help it, I’m going to waffle on about waffles!

We’ve been celebrating this weekend, can you believe it’s actually SIX years since Higgins came into our lives…SIX!  Life hasn’t been the same since! Mini Dachshund 2009-09-23 07.19.48So a celebratory breakfast was called for, and excuse to test the super duper waffle maker kindly sent by Cakemart for me try out.  I’ve never made waffles before, simply because I didn’t think I could manage one of those traditional heavy waffle irons, but this one is really easy.

It’s very Planet Penny don’t you think? Pink AND heart shaped…heart shape waffle makerThe only thing to note is the waffle maker is supplied with a European plug and so will need an adaptor if you are in the UK.

The waffle maker comes with it’s own recipe leaflet, but I used the Cherry Poppy Seed Waffle recipe from my new favourite cook book, A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones and it was completely yummy.  The recipe uses oats ground to a flour, something I’ve not tried before, but it makes for a lovely light consistency and you need about 3 tablespoons of batter at a time to make the perfect size. (I had a few wonky waffles to eat while I worked that out!)

Bestron waffle makerServed with the warm cherries and a drizzle of yoghurt these waffles are an absolute treat, and warm up well in the toaster too if you have any leftovers (there weren’t many!)cherry & poppy seed wafflesThe waffle maker is non stick so just needs a wipe with kitchen paper after you’ve finished, no washing up, hooray!

So if you’ve never made waffles before it’s worth giving this a try, and if you are already a convert, what’s your favourite recipe and topping?  It would be great to share in the comments, don’t you think?

I’ll be back soon…x

p.s. before you ask, Higgins had his waffle naked…he didn’t mind!

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8 thoughts on “Breakfast: Heart Shaped Waffles

  1. Leah

    Higgins is the cutest, adorable photos xxx Have not tried waffles before exept birdseye potatoe ones but they look very healthy and delishous and a very nice breakfast idea xxx

  2. pennygj Post author

    Thank you Leah, Higgins is getting more swollen headed by the minute! These waffles leave the potato ones standing! x

  3. Sue

    Happy Higgieversary to you all!

    What an adorable waffle iron. I like using oats in waffles, so oat flour sounds delicious. My go-to recipe is: 1 cup unbleached flour, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup rolled oats (if they are the very thick kind I grind them up a bit first), 1 Tablespoon brown sugar, 1 Tablespoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, several grinds nutmeg. Stir these together in bowl, then add 2 cups milk or milk substitute, 2 eggs, 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil. Whisk together and allow to rest 5 minutes. Cook according to waffle iron directions.

    P.S. Stunning header Penny!

  4. pennygj Post author

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the recipe, I must try it. A great excuse to use the waffle iron again! Thank you for your comment on the header, I really felt I needed a change, and I hope this says something about me and Planet Penny! I have installed a new plug in which is supposed to notify the commenter when I have replied, but I can’t see any confirmation that it has worked. I’d be really grateful if you could drop me a word if you get this so I know.

    Thanks Sue, do hope you are keeping well, and thanks for being such a great support (and Higgins fan!) xx

  5. Toffeeapple

    Well now, something seems to be behind hand as this post just arrived in my Bloglovin feed! How lovely to see pictures of dear Higgins as a puppy, bless him. xx

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