Crochet Hearts forThe Peyton Heart Project

I came across the Peyton Heart Project on social media this week quite by accident , and it touched me so much I felt I wanted to take part and to share it with like minded people.  I believe that’s all of you who visit Planet Penny…

This, from their Facebook Page, will explain the inspiration behind the project:

We have officially launched the #PeytonHeartProject. This project is one that is very important to us. Our project is named after Peyton James, a 13 year old teen who, in the fall of 2014, died by suicide after years of being bullied. We know far too well what the negative effects of bullying are on a child and how difficult it can be to believe that it will ever get better. Far too often bullying leads to depression, self-harm and even suicide. So, we would like to take these delicate yarn hearts, each one made by hand and each one perhaps representing the delicate heart of a life lost to suicide, and attach inspiring quotes to them. We plan to leave them in public places for people to find during their everyday lives. We hope the hearts cause people to stop for a moment and reflect on a young life lost to suicide, on bullying and on the fact that everyone’s life matters. We want to leave people with a feeling that there is still good out there in the world and we would like to inspire others to join us on our mission of kindness. If you would like to help us spread the Peyton Heart Project and its message in your town please email us at and let us know.

We would like to thank Peyton’s parents, David James and Jacki James, for allowing us to use Peyton’s name for this project.

If you find one of our hearts in your travels please post a photo on our Facebook page or post it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PeytonHeartProject. Let us know where you found it.

Taking part in the Peyton Heart Project is so simple, and yet this small, simple act can raise awareness of young people suffering from the effects of bullying, which can lead to depression, self harm or even suicide. A little token to raise the spirits and spread kindness in the world.

All you have to do is to knit or crochet a little heart with an oddment of yarn and attach a small tag with an uplifting quote and the hashtag #PeytonHeartProject.  Then leave it in a public place where it can be found…Peyton Heart Project

There are lots of links to knit and crochet heart patterns available on the Peyton Heart Project Facebook Page and I’ve also written a crochet especially for this post.  If you don’t knit or crochet there are ideas for making a yarn wrapped heart which you can find here.  A file of quotes and tags is available by emailing

Crochet Heart Pattern for #PeytonHeartProject

Planet Penny Heart Pattern

I used Planet Penny Cotton Colours and a 3mm hook. The pattern is written using UK crochet terms

The heart measures  the required 2.5″ x 2″ 

Work 6 dc into a magic circle, join with a ss and pull up the tail to close the hole.

Round 1: 1ch, 2dc into each st (12 st) join with ss.

Round 2: 1 ch, 5tr into next st, ss into next st, 5tr into next st, dc into next 4 st. Make point by working 2tr, 1ch, ss into top of tr, 1tr, all into 1 st. Work dc into next 5st. Join with ss into 1st tr.

Round 3: 2ch, 2tr into next 3 st, working 1htr, 1dc, ss into centre top of heart, 1dc, 1htr, 2tr into next 3tr, 3htr, dc to point working 2dc into picot dc along 2nd side to last 3 st, work 3htr and join with a ss.  Fasten off and darn in end.

Add an 8″ length of yarn at the top to attach the tag and make a hanging loop.

Do let me know if you decide to join in.  This an ideal project for knit and crochet groups, and if you are not able to distribute the hearts yourselves, there is an address on the Peyton Heart Project Facebook Page to which you can send them.

See you soon…x



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