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A crochet sweater for Autumn

The autumn equinox, the first day of autumn…It seems a really good day to unveil my hunky, chunky crochet sweater!

As mentioned in my last post, this crochet sweater was inspired by a Frank & Olive Crochet pattern. However I had different yarn, I was making a different size, I wanted a different neck and longer sleeves and so I had to basically make it up as I went along!

The yarn is  Merino Blend Aran superwash wool (anti tickle too!) by King Cole in a gorgeous shade of Aubergine, bought from the Wool Warehouse. (I love buying from the Wool Warehouse, the yarn arrives in a gauzy drawstring bag which makes every purchase feel like a pressie!)

So there isn’t a pattern as such, but if you would like a crib sheet of how I worked it out I’m very happy to share so please let me know if you are interested.

crochet sweater detail

neck – edged with crab stitch

crochet sweater detail - side slits

detail – side slits

crochet sweater - Planet PennyIt’s exactly what I need for cold winter days in the studio, and there’s just about room for Higgins too!

So do leave a comment if you want to know more.

And I’d also like to ask for a little feedback from anyone who has subscribed to follow Planet Penny by email.  The widget appears to be misbehaving!  If you have arrived here because you’ve received the email, brilliant, can you tell me it’s working for you? If you have been expecting an email, haven’t received one and have arrived accidentally to see where I’m hiding, can you tell me that too?  I will need some ammunition so I can go and moan at someone! Thank you, lovelies…

I shall be back here soon with a review, and news of a super duper giveaway on the newsletter so please sign up for that.  I know that bit is in good working order!

See you soon..x

Edited to add: link to the crib sheet here

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36 thoughts on “A crochet sweater for Autumn

  1. Sally

    email reached West Norfolk and I’m loving your sweater and would love a crib sheet! Its just what I have been thinking of making as a Christmas present for me!

  2. Lilly's Mom

    Hello Penny. Yes, I receive your emails regularly. And, your sweater is absolutely lovely. The yarn and color you choose is so pretty. And I like the design too. Have a great day. Pat xx


    Gorgeous colour! Lovely job too!
    And BTW, thanks for “reminding” me about the Equinox! – I’ve been so busy lately… I *knew* there was “something” that I was FORGETTING! argh!

  4. Kerry

    Hi i follow you on instagram and love the sweater you made. I would love some basic instructions on how to make it if your willing to share.

  5. janmaed

    Hi Penny! I get your posts via my btinternet email account and it came through with no problems – except the first picture was missing! The sweater looks gorgeous and I love the rich colour.

  6. Lisa Roy

    Love this jumper, would definitely like more info please.

    I subscribe to your emails & have been receiving them fine.

    Love your pics x


  7. Louise

    Hi Penny. Love your sweater and would very much appreciate some basic instructions. I follow you through Feedly so can’t help on the email situation.

  8. LitlBits2015

    Email arrived in So. California, USA. Thank you.
    Love the sweater….will a pattern be following? That looks like lovely yarn. Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Eileen

    Your email arrived down under in Sydney, thank you. Love your sweater, beautiful colour. Would love the pattern if available. Thank you,

  10. Celia

    I missed the previous post so had to go back and read that first 🙂
    The new header is fabulous – it looks so smart and professional, very clever idea!
    You crochet sweater is gorgeous, I tend to steer away from crochet garments as they can look hippy-dippy or bedjackety but yours is lovely, it’s like a cosy version of a fisherman’s smock and perfect for the studio (I think a pocket would make it even more useful).

    I too love those gauzy bags the yarn arrives in 😉

  11. Emma

    Oh my GOODNESS, I’d so love the pattern if possible Penny. It’s truly gorgeous.

    Remind me, did we chat about another workshop in the Autumn? My memory is somewhat foggy x

  12. Lee

    Hi, me again! I do follow you on IG but have also signed up for emails now too! I’m planning ahead here, how many balls of the king Cole yarn did you use? Will add to my stash so I can get started when you release the crib sheet! Thank you ?

  13. pennygj Post author

    Hello Lee! I ended up using 16 and a half balls, but bear in mind I made a large size and wanted it long so you may not need quite as much. Although you could always make a matching hat! If you do get the yarn ahead, you could start with making one of the dreaded tension squares as there are some basic sums involved (don’t panic, nothing hard from a total maths failure!) I used a 5.5mm hook. P x

  14. pennygj Post author

    Thank you for the positive comment on the header, Celia. I feel I’ve had professional approval! It’s still making me happy too. I’ve probably got just about enough left over yarn for a pocket, somewhere to stash Higgy treats! P x

  15. Jane

    So inspiring. I’d love a copy of the crib sheet for your crochet sweater. It’ll be a perfect project for the lengthening dark evenings.

  16. Jenny Debeaux

    My email reached the Isle of Wight on time – and please may I have a copy of the crib sheet for your sweater, as it looks really nice and warm!

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