All lit up – with a Daylight Lamp and a giveaway!

Smart Light D20 - Daylight companyIf you’ve been visiting Planet Penny for a while, you’ll know my main gripe about the autumn/winter period is the lack of daylight.  I don’t think I actually suffer from full blown Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I do get rather grumpy, and those gloomy days when you think the sun hasn’t actually risen at all make creating and photography jolly tricky.

So I was very happy to be sent a couple of lamps from the Daylight Company to try out and review, and I know for all you knitters, crocheters and stitchers out there a good daylight lamp is a really necessary bit of crafting kit.

The first one is the Smart Lamp D20 and I love it!  It’s light and portable, but the base is heavy enough for it to be really stable so you can adjust it over your work area without worrying about it toppling over.

I’ve found it particularly useful in the evenings by my chair when I’m multi tasking with some crochet, the television and a cup of tea because the light can be angled.  In fact it does all this!

  •  It changes colors for improved contrast when reading and colour matching
  •  It is dimmable, allowing you to set the light at the brightness level you require
  •  It is portable, light weight and foldable so you can take it anywhere
  • It is USB compatible allowing you to plug into the AC Adapter (included) your computer or phone charger.

And then there is the baby brother, the Yoyo light.  It arrives looking just like the yoyo it is named after…Yoyo magnifying light - Daylight company…but opens up into a handy little magnifying light, perfect for keeping in your workbox when you need to get up close and personal with your work.

And this is what it does:

  • Compact foldable pocket LED magnifier
  • 3 bright LEDs
  • 5,5cm (2.17″) lens – Magnification 8D (3,0X)
  • Ideal to use when out and about
  • Comes with a wrist strap
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Yoyo light - Daylight companyDaylught Company Yoyo light(This one gave my camera a funny turn trying to focus!)

I really enjoy finding things which I know will make things just that little bit easier for us creative peeps, and it’s even better when I can offer you the chance to win one of your very own – for FREE!

I have a Smart Lamp D20 worth £65.00 and a Yoyo Magnifyer Lamp worth £15.00 as a giveaway on my latest newsletter.  All you have to do is sign up via the PINK BUTTON below and let me know what you love best about Winter VIA THE NEWSLETTER.  The Smart Lamp is only available in the UK I’m afraid, but I’m happy to send the Yoyo lamp to any part of the world where you can buy AAA batteries!

So click on the Pink Button for a chance to win one of these fabulous lamps to keep you bright this Autumn! subscribebuttons - Daylight lamp

Looking forward to hearing from you…x

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25 thoughts on “All lit up – with a Daylight Lamp and a giveaway!

  1. Karen

    We are just coming into Spring here,and the weather is changeable. One day is a jumper day, the next day is a skirt day! I always enjoy sitting by a big fire in winter, and knitting.

  2. id0n0van

    I love to see the shapes of the bare trees, they have a beauty all of their own and sparkly frost!

  3. Pauline

    I now live in Rutland and I like our woodburner best about winter. It makes the living room so cosy. Even though we lived in Perthshire for 15 years, I never got used to the cold.

  4. Rhian

    I love crispy frosty mornings with a touch of mist hanging in the air, and cozy evenings with a crochet blanket on the go

  5. Penny Tasker

    I like winter sunrises on my way to work, and sitting by a log fire with my new crochet ripple blanket to keep me cosy.

  6. sally

    I love to sew in winter
    but only when it’s bright
    I’d love to be a winner
    so I could sew at night


    The best part of Winter… NO BUGS! – At least OUTside any way… Otherwise, it really does go on for TOO long over here! 6+ months of shovelling and/or scooping every other day… Temps in the -15C to -40C range… Snow blindness… Trying to suppress the urge to build little NIGHTWATCH Forts along my laneway snowbank “WALL”… Wishing I had a Dragon to MELT it and, EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY who keeps blocking said laneway entrance with half of the Street’s debris…

    Thank THE-SHEEP I have my *STASH* to keep WARM and “legally” SANE!

  8. Lesley Brown

    A clear cold night when you can see the stars and sit wrapped in blankets round our brazier – all hyggeligt as they say in Denmark.

  9. Christine Middleton

    The crisp clear mornings to walk the dogs. And the cosy nights in front of the wood burner with some crocheting to do xx

  10. Justine

    I like cold, crisp, frost bitten mornings with the sun shining and showing every detail of the spider webs; and I also like sitting in the warm with a mug of fresh coffee having some crochet time.

  11. Caroline Ward

    I love coming in from the cold, closing the curtains, sitting by the fire and sipping a mug of hot chocolate ?

  12. Marianne Fisher

    Signed up for the newsletter, I also live in Norwich! The thing I love best about Winter are crisp cool bright days, especially with a fresh fall of snow, wrapping up warm and gping for a walk. Love my Winter clothes, snuggly jumpers, jeans and boots.

  13. Maxine G

    I love winter because it’s a great opportunity to wear the variety of scarves I’ve made over the years! Truly, I have hundreds!!!

  14. pennygj Post author

    Hi Pat, yes I agree, socks hats and scarves are among my favourite things to make so I always have lots just waiting to come out for the winter. P x

  15. pennygj Post author

    Hi Karen, thanks for commenting. Our fire is all primed and ready for the fuel delivery this week. My husband is away at work from today so I will be consoling myself with knitting by the fire! P x

  16. pennygj Post author

    Yes, the bare trees are beautiful, and here the consolation of the lost leaves is the extra light coming in through the windows when the sun comes up. P x

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  18. Val

    Snow, although only when you don’t need to fight your through it but can just sit inside in the warmth and look at how beautiful it all looks whilst undisturbed.

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