And the winner is…Daylight Lamp

This grey and gloomy day seems a very good time to announce the winners of the Daylight Lamp Giveaway.  It’s going to brighten the days of the two lucky recipients Gail and Pauline!Smart Light D20 - Daylight company Daylight Lamp

The main prize was won by Gail.  I love her description of the sort of winter days I enjoy most…

“I live in a town called Horsham, in the south East of England. The thing I love most about winter is the frosty mornings, when all the cobwebs are highlighted in droplets of water, when you  can see frost patterns on the window panes and best of all when you see the children on the way to school breathing out just so they can see their breath. It’s just magical.” 

…I just hope we get a few of these mornings soon and not the wet and windy gloom which we are currently enduring in the UK… I think Gail is going to need her Daylight Lamp!

If you have noticed I have been conspicuous by my bloggy absence, please forgive me. We’ve had a special delivery in the family, my very first granddaughter, and I’ve been somewhat distracted…

crochet blanket

I can only take credit for the blanket! crochet blanket - Daylight Lamp Giveaway

See you soon…x

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7 thoughts on “And the winner is…Daylight Lamp

  1. christinalfrutiger

    Oh my god…Is that an angel in that basket? And what a beautiful blanket to cover her with…What is her name and please post more pictures of her…What a little beauty she is. Congratulations Penny!
    PS. Did you also make that incredibly adorable mouse?


    *AWESOME*!! 😀

    Of course NOW, “NANA” will have to make herself a crafty Folder/Album to store the gazzillion PROGENY-PICS into for when she’s out “in-the-World” just waiting to *show* them off to EVERYONE who comes within “viewing” range!! ;-D

    BTW, love the colour-combo on the Blanket.
    oh, and, PACE yourself! You’ll be needing the extra energy to keep on top of the “NEW” PARENTS. – They’re usually *more* work than the BABY!

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