My Word for the Year – Simplify

A few weeks ago while I was feeling overwhelmed by life, and basically just STUFF, I realised the first step was to Simplify everything.  I came across Jessica Swift’s Goal And Intention Kit
2016_Goal_Intention_Kit-cover-square - word for the year - Simplify  I found this was a perfect way to focus my mind, almost the first page I filled in was the ‘Word for the Year page’.  Obviously my word was SIMPLIFY and I’m sharing my thought processes right here…

Word for the year - Simplify(You might think now being a quarter of the way into the year makes this post slightly out of date, but who says a new year can’t begin at the Spring equinox?  ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’ and all that!)

For an inveterate hoarder who has just inherited a houseful more stuff that sounds like a tall order but ‘Baby Steps’ they say and I’m actually getting much better at donating things, giving things away and even, when all else fails, going to the tip!

As it’s William Morris‘ 182nd birthday today it’s seem appropriate to say I am using as my mantra his famous saying…

Simplify - Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautifulI’ve only got the one house, how hard can it be?  (oh, and there’s the studio….and the shed...)

Anyway, how about all you out there, my creative friends?  Are you minimalists or do you hang on to every little thing – just in case – like I have for far too many years.  I know I’m not a tidy person but I also know how much clutter cramps my creativity, and I need my creativity!

If you think a word for your year would focus your mind you can make it official on the OneWord365 website.  I joined the #Simplify Tribe! (I am definitely ‘a work in progress’)

I’ll be back with a be-YOO-tiful new magazine to review, inspiration for the simple life.

See you soon…x

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7 thoughts on “My Word for the Year – Simplify

  1. Mary Jenkins

    So so true – I have a whole room full of early years teaching resources that just need to go, as they are blocking not only my creativity but my dear artist husband is sharing his studio. I made a start by donating some things to the refugee camp at Grand Synthe in Dunkirk but there are lots more. Time to get down to the charity shops I think……

  2. Mirjam

    We are one the same track ;-)!
    I love the simple things in live… Everything is difficult enough as it is in my opinion. Good luck, love from Mirjam.

  3. Shirley Davis

    What an incredible coincidence! I’ve just radically streamlined my Croffice – where I write, make cards, store my yarn, and scrapbook too.

    We hope to move to more suitable accommodation for my ailing mobility so that was my motivation but it also makes the time left here so much simpler. I need to buy some more Really Useful Boxes and I’m done.

    All the very best to you, Penny xx

  4. Judy Westen

    Penny, I know how you feel. Six years ago my mother-in-law passed and left her whole house full of things for us to deal with. She had never gotten rid of anything, so we are still getting rid of things! Sell, give away, toss, re-use. Now I’m ready to start on doing that to my things, as well! Good luck, and thank you for your inspiration!


    I’m pretty certain that I’ve been a “curator” in at LEAST 2 “previous”-Lives!! ;-} And, that way back, there’s probably a hoarding Viking or more lurking under a stump in the FAMILY-“FOREST”…
    seriously. What DON’T I “collect”/preserve..?!!

  6. Coco-Jayne

    I think that’s a great word and “mantra” for the year. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the things we take on (whether by choice or circumstance). Like you, I feel that my creativity has suffered whilst trying to deal with all the other “stuff” but really, it is the creativity that keeps us happy. I’m trying to get a balance between the two and feel I’m heading in the right direction at last. Good luck with your Simplification – I’m sure you’ll make good progress now that you’ve clarified your goal and have a sense of where you’re heading!

  7. Sue

    I’m a minimalist in all but crafting supplies – though even there I tend to buy as little as I can for any given project or need. But I can’t let go of the leftovers, and they do build up! I always think “this might come in handy sometime” – which I suppose is the hoarder’s mantra. 🙂

    So glad to see your post, Penny. I was thinking of you the other day and hoping your Spring is going well. (Should have emailed you to tell you so.) Yes, you can start fresh any time of year. Good luck with the simplification process!

    I love that quote from William Morris. It’s an interesting counterpoint to his textile designs which are so packed with detail….

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