An office in the sun!

Well, this is a rare occurrence,  Higgins and I have moved outside.  We’re on the veranda outside the studio, there’s blue sky, sunshine, flowers, birdsong…What could be better?office_in_the_sun

Only last week we were huddled under a blanket (in Higgins case, three blankets) watching the rain lash down so I’m making the most of every minute now.

There is just one weekend left of Open Studios here in Norfolk and it’s been good, as usual.  Really nice to meet the people who come to visit who are really interested in what we do, and in who, in turn, have interesting stories to tell.  Higgins has been working well with the meeting and greeting, he even had an assistant!Higgins&CocoIt did get very tiring in the end though…tired Higgins

I have been been diligent in my decluttering efforts.  So many things which I have made in order to create patterns, but eventually I have to reluctantly part with them in order to make room in the studio, and in my head, for new ideas.

It’s not easy! The knitting mobile has been sold…Knitters Mobile from Planet Penny

it’s off to Germany as a present.

And the Hearts and Flowers Mobile is off to grace a little ones bedroom which is lovely.  It’s nice to know it will have a good home.

Hearts and Flowerts Mobile from Planet PennyQuite a few little needlefelted pieces have been sold too, although I’m not going to part with Clover the sheep!

Flock of needlefelt sheep - Planet Penny

Clover is the one in the middle!

So if you are in the area next weekend do call in.  There’s bunting and baubles and fairy lights and books too!  I’m never going to rival decluttering queen Marie Kondo, but I’m trying!

Back soon…x

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8 thoughts on “An office in the sun!

  1. Lilly's Mom

    Your weather looks heavenly! How I wish I lived close enough to stop by your open studio. Maybe one day. Higgins is so adorable with his little friend keeping guard over the home. Give him a hug from me! Pat xx

  2. VeggieMummy

    The weather has been glorious hasn’t it – just in time for exam season. It will probably start pouring down again when they’ve finished! Your garden is looking great and Higgins looks so sweet upside down in his little igloo. Happy decluttering. xx

  3. Celia

    Isn’t it fab! I did the same, working in the courtyard under a garden sunshade. I wonder if I have time to drive up to see you? Hope you, Kit and the meet & greet team have another sunny weekend xx


    Oooo! LOVE the Mobiles!!
    [yarn is spinning in my head with “ideas”!]

  5. Linda Hickin

    What a lovely cheering post. Looking forward to visiting your studio – and meeting Higgins x

  6. Sue

    I’m writing this at a desk literally piled with swatches and magazines and projects that have come back from the publisher now that the magazine is out. I don’t know what to do with them. (There’s also a basket of PPCC yarn with a project that’s been patiently waiting my attention for months. Some day….)

    Looks like your weather was lovely – long may it continue. Hope you’re well and happy. Here’s to a cheery June. 🙂

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