Guest Post: Higgins and the Pawsome Box

Higgins miniature dachshund reviews his Pawsome BoxHello!  Higgins here.  It’s been sooo long since mum let me loose on the keyboard but I really wanted to tell you about my Pawsome Box, cos I love it when I get my very own post.

(Mum gets soo grumpy when I open hers.)

Pawsome BoxI had to give it a bit of a chew and a thump about to get in, but when I did it was PAWSOME! Pawsome box contentsThere were TREATS!  treats for Higgins the miniature dachshund from the Pawsome BoxThere were TWO bones! And some more treats, a lead, and some wiping things to make me smell cleaner (Hmmph!  I smell lovely already!)Higgins and Pawsome BoxI LOVE the stripy bone…it squeaks!Stripy bone(Well it did, until I had a little accident) but I STILL love it…Toy from the Pawsome boxAnd the other bone I can just chew…and chew… and chew…Higgins jumpingI thought this was just for me because I’m special, but mum says ALL the dogs in the WORLD can have this treat too because there is a special code from the lovely Pawsome people to get a discount.  So I thought I’d better tell you all so that my doggy chums can have some post too.

You just have click here to find out all about the Pawsome Box and use this discount code ukbtswem when you buy.  

It’s my birthday next month… I’m not hinting or anything, mum…..MUM?

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Higgins and the Pawsome Box

  1. Teje

    Vof Higgins, it was time to hear from you! I can only imagine how exited you were about your box filled with so many goodies! Teje gives us sometimes boxes to open but there is always only one coocie and then we make the boxes ‘thousands of pieces’. Have a great summer my friend! Nero

  2. christinalfrutiger

    Oh, Higgins…what a lucky dog you are! 🙂 It’s me, Sophie…your American sister! My mum just went to order me a pawsome box too but they don’t deliver to the US. :((
    Maybe you could send me some of your treats! :))

  3. cleopiti

    Hi, Higgins, here, in France, we are Pacha and Bella, two cats and what’s a lucky dog you are ! We dont have such box ! Have a nice day !

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