An aside…

Ernest Shepherd, illustrator of Winnie-the-Pooh

Ernest Shepherd, illustrator of Winnie-the-Pooh

I’ve been conspicuous by my absence I’m afraid, trapped in the corner by the elephant in the room.  Thinking that my blog is NOT the place to discuss politics, but being completely unable to move around, over or under the situation to carry on business as usual.

I’ve been in a hole since I woke up on June 24th.  so this blog post is me digging my way out of it.  Please bear with me, or ignore me, I’m shall say this only once…

One of the great things I have discovered since starting this blog is how small the world is.  I love being in contact with people of all nationalities, different cultures in different time zones.  “We have far more in common than which divides us.”

To wake up the morning after the E.U. referendum and find that Britain had voted to leave the E.U. was a shock.  It appears no-one expected it, especially those in charge of fighting for that very thing to happen.   Since then chaos has ensued, because no one has a plan.  You don’t need me to explain it, Mr Google will supply pages and pages of information and misinformation!

But what troubles me the most is this.  In a world where we are ever more interconnected, Britain wants to cut itself off, close it’s borders.  The racism and xenophobia unleashed in a small minority of people is frightening.  Half the country is angry with the other half.   This is not the country I know and love.  The Brexiteer slogan was ‘We want our country back’  well I want mine back now, but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

What I’m hanging on to is that we in the global creative world can still hold together with what we have in common.  I may be naive, but I hate confrontation.  I would rather reach out and hold hands than hold a grudge.

So I’ve got to climb back out of this hole and find my creativity again.  Go out with my camera and find something beautiful.  Pick up a pencil, a crochet hook, a needle…find some joy.  Just a little thing every day.

In fact, this has just this very minute occurred to me.  I’m giving myself (and you if you would like to join me) an Instagram challenge.  To find something to be joyful about everyday, using the hashtag #justalittlejoyfulness 


I’d love to hear from you if you are joining in.

I’ll be back soon…x

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30 thoughts on “An aside…

  1. Rosemary Covell-London

    Thank you, Penny, for putting into words what been feeling and thinking since that morning. I sat and sobbed my heart out for our wonderful Country.

  2. pennygj Post author

    Thank you Linda, and thank you too for the email. I’m sorry I haven’t responded as yet but I will xx

  3. Fay Turner

    Well said Penny. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. I will try and follow your suggestion as am finding things a bit tough at the moment and seem to have lost my creativity. I’m hoping it will return soon! Small steps ….. Love and hugs – Fay xx

  4. Shirley Davis

    You have indeed put into words the shock many of us had, not least the very voters who brought about this terrible situition. This country is divided; the Welfare State is no longer a safety net. I know this from bitter ongoing personal experience.
    I’m glad you are reaching out and I adopt your lovely challenge. Bless you, Penny – I’m off to photograph the scrumptious cake my dear hubuy baked this afternoon.

  5. JG

    Perhaps look at it another way, we are aiming to reach out and work with the whole world on equal footing, not just the EU on agreed trade laws with subsidies and restricted quotas. It might actually mean people from all over the world have the same rights to come here to work, learn or visit, rather than it being made so easy for the EU, and difficult for others.
    Try to see the possible positives.

  6. pennygj Post author

    It would be wonderful if this could happen. I hope we can work past some of the awful attitudes to people from other countries which have appeared on the news and social media as a result of the Brexit campaign.

  7. pennygj Post author

    So glad you are going to join in, Shirley. I’m looking forward to seeing the cake! xx

  8. Rainbow Junkie

    I voted for Brexit because I wanted Britain to open to the whole world and not just Eurocentric. To have control of our borders so we could shut them to scroungers but open them to refugees and people who really need help. To be able to trade freely with the whole world (as we once did) and welcome all nationalities who can contribute to our society.

  9. handmadebysoo

    Thank you for your wise words, Penny. My reaction to the Brexit result? The shame of it! In real life, when I’m not knitting, I teach modern foreign languages to adults and instil in my students a love of all things European.

  10. JennyD

    Actually, I voted to leave and I love all things European! I taught German and French with some Spanish for nearly all my teaching career but I voted to leave an unwieldy, unforgiving (what did they do to the Greeks?) community, which seems bent on the one size fits all mentality. I’m sorry that everyone is at odds with one another – I have been subjected to abuse, too – but the EU bullying and power base are what I reject.

    ps I still miss being in Germany at Christmas!!!

  11. Rhian

    I too was utterly shocked at the outcome, and the resulting fallout. I work in FE in Wales and a huge amount of our projects to skill, re-skill and up skill the people of Wales is dependant on EU funding and the wonderful diversity we gain from being part of a greater whole. However the sun will still rise every day (well if we get a summer|?)and I get much joy from creating, and from reading creative colourful and positive blogs such as yours. We must draw strength from each other and the little things that make us all happy. I’m a huge advocate of the Wales football team slogan “Together, Stronger”

  12. Mary Jenkins

    Beautifully written and expressed Penny – I envy your ability to articulate the horror many of us feel – but onward and upwards, one day at a time – we have hope and as Stevie Wonder sang so from his heart “love’s in need of love today” and I’m sending mine in – X

  13. Janet Hambly

    Your blog echoes my feelings in recent weeks and your Instagram idea is a good one. I’m in.

  14. Teje

    Great post, Penny! We are now struggling with bad things at work and I surely join you in IG. In Greece we have lots of difficulties and many of them because of the EU. Capital control is still ‘on’ and for example we can take only about 400 e from our bank account each week. Too difficult to work with etsy or to buy from abroad. I do hope things go smoothly and will be easier.
    Hugs! x Teje

  15. pennygj Post author

    Thank you Teje, sending hugs to you too and hope things will get better very soon xx

  16. pennygj Post author

    I hate the fact that there is so much anger and confusion going on. Lets hope for a peaceful resolution soon xx

  17. pennygj Post author

    I hate to think that Europeans would feel they have been rejected as a people when the vote was against so many things but not that. I have a French daughter-in-law and grandsons. European at heart AND British. xxx

  18. Carol

    Thank you Penny, that vocalised m ythoughts very succintly. I will be joining you on your slow journey back to some form of normality. Being an Englishwoman staying in Scotland the trumoil is even more enhanced. I look forward to your notes on your creative journey as it happens.

  19. Toffeeapple

    I am feeling the very same, Penny. But we can hold onto each other here in Blogland can’t we?

    I’d love to join in your Instagram challenge but, having joined and posted two pictures, cannot now remember how to post. I shall endeavour to find out and join in.

    Please hug Higgins for me. x

  20. ginaferrari

    I can’t join in because I’m having huge problems posting on Instagram at the moment Penny… But I’m with you in spirit. I still wake up and can’t quite believe the crazy mess this country has got itself into.

  21. cleopiti

    This world is really crazy!
    We live a very sad time, civil wars, terrorism that sows fear of the other, death and disarray.
    Europe which was to be to be a place of peace and love, proves to be a source of tension between countries.

    But here, thanks to you and your website Penny, we share our love crocheting, creativity, and this regardless of the country where we live.
    I don’t have Instagram, but it’s a lovelu idea !!

  22. Sue

    This makes me think of a chapter in “Mrs. Miniver” (Back from Abroad): “[W]hat always struck her when she went abroad was how much stronger the links are between people of the same calling than between people of the same race…. A man who works with wood, a man who works with iron, a man who works with test-tubes, is more akin to a joiner, a smith, a research chemist from the other end of the earth than to a clerk or shopkeeper in his own town…. If only, she thought, sipping her black coffee, one could somehow get them together–not the statesmen and the diplomats, but [children with children] and [farmer with farmer]. If only all governments would spend the price of a few bombers on exchanging for the holidays, free of charge, a certain number of families from each district….”

    We struggle with racism and xenophobia here too – in a country which claims to welcome “the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free”; a country in which few can claim that their ancestors have lived in one place for more than a handful of generations. Most Americans are descended from immigrants or pioneers of some sort, yet many of us don’t want to welcome new immigrants and allow them the opportunities our own ancestors enjoyed and struggled for.

    I’m sorry for the turmoil and division you’re suffering through, and I think your idea is the right one. Let’s keep on making, and enjoying the makes of others. Let’s find beauty and cheerfulness where we can, and share it with whoever is willing. I’m not on ig, so I can’t participate in your project, but I’m with you in spirit Penny!

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