Autumn Walks and Acorns

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of October! It’s all been a bit busy here on Planet Penny.  We’ve just had a flying visit from the grandsons and grand dog which is enough to send anyone in a tizzy, especially Higgins! The grand dog is very “Tiggerish’ and Higgins has to be careful not to be bounced on.

I’m having to do a bit of resting because of the M.E. so I’ve been installing things on my shiny new iPad so I can sit with my feet up and write blog posts.  This my first attempt.  Not so much the writing as working out the best way to process the photos…I’m getting there…gradually.

And I’m also getting ready for the Two Rivers Trail Festive Fair which is coming up next month, so felting needles at the ready, I’ve been making acorns.
But we have had some lovely weather, so over the past few days we’ve been out with the camera enjoying all the colours of autumn, so come with us, it’s only down the road! I love to think that someone was walking along eating lunch, tossed the apple core in the hedgerow, and planted a tree!2016-10-23-10-54-59This is one our favourite stretches along the walk, sheltered enough not to get muddy.Because we do mud rather well in Norfolk!MudAnd while there are acorns on the trees…acorns…there are needlefelt acorns in the studio!So watch this space… I’ll be back to show you the finished articles and with more news about the Festive Fair.

See you soon…x

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3 thoughts on “Autumn Walks and Acorns


    Ooo! Those Acorns are CUTE! – [And the Canines, too!] ;-}
    I could do with some acorn-caps… But there aren’t any mature oaks nearby. Only a few saplings on the next street over. And, the NASTY Maple next door that’s always dropping SOMETHING onto our laneway for 11 months of the year! — Sure, it might look nice and like a Poster-Child-for-Autumn, but, not so much when you have to SHOVEL [yes. Shovel. Rakes are over-rated] the 6-inch deep CARPET of leaves, just so you can get your car OUT of the garage!
    Now, if *only*, I could “train” the SQUIRRELS to the Leaf-Herding…

  2. VeggieMummy

    I love the photo of Higgins on his autumn walk. Beautiful photos and those acorns are adorable. Have a great weekend.

  3. Toffeeapple

    My Ash tree looks exactly like yours at the top of the page, the colour is stunning.

    Lovely to see little Higgins. xx

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