Changing Direction


Hello, lovelies…have you wondering where I’ve been hiding?  I have to confess to disappearing down the rabbit hole, and longer I was down there, the harder it became to climb out!

But April is here, the sun is shining and I can see things more clearly now.

I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that Brexit has done for Planet Penny and the cotton yarns.  The supplier is in Europe, and between the fall in the pound and the prospect of customs and duties the knock on effect to my prices is just not viable.  I need to find another direction, and that what I’m working on right now.

In the meantime, the stock I have remaining is still available in the Etsy shop.  When the Rainbow, Ice Cream and Pastel packs have gone I will create some one off collections with what is left .

Planet Penny Cotton – Rainbow

Planet Penny Cotton – Icecream

Planet Penny Cotton – Pastel

So if you would like the chance to purchase one of the last ever packs of Planet Penny Cotton, be quick, there aren’t many left!

In the meantime I am going back to my eclectic creative roots here on Planet Penny to see what happens next, I hope you’ll join me.  In the meantime, there’s always Higgins!

Miniature Dachshund the dog walking habit

See you soon….x

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24 thoughts on “Changing Direction

  1. Rosemary

    Hello Penny,

    Good luck with what ever direction you take in the future. Now about to order a batch of your cotton.

    Best wishes Rosemary and Ralf the pug says hello to Higgins.

  2. Vera Melchert

    I’ve missed you and Mr.Higgins. Hope everything turns out ok with you. Regards from Brazil.

  3. Alison

    Hello Penny, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working with your selection of cottons and really sad to hear that you are another that Brexit is affecting, I wish you all the best in whatever direction you go.

  4. christinalfrutiger

    The best to you in whatever direction life takes you! With your enormous talent, it will undoubtedly be successful! Higgins is adorable as always! We, very sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved Sophie..(Higgin’s American sister) She was 16 and it was just her time. She had a good long happy life with us and was dearly loved.
    Hugs to you and Higgins! ??

  5. wendy

    Oh Higgins have missed him and visiting you too Penny here…..I at least keep up with you via instagram and facebook xoxoxo


    Honestly, don’t you just hate it when MACRO-Economics runs over your lovely fine-tuned WORKING “micro”-Business..?! — I can sorta relate… I’ve already had 2 fav yarn Lines DISCONTINUED on me over the last couple of years that I’ve been using for my “CHALET-CHIC”-esque Wool Blankets… Not to mention, a certain loophole in some of the Discount Coupons at the craft store where I get most of my yarn from, has been filled in! So much for lowering my cost base as well.
    Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with sorting it all out! — BTW, love your little Heart Bunting!

  7. sixtysomethingme

    Hello Penny, sorry to hear that Brexit has done for you. That’s sad news. I’ve loved crocheting with your cotton and enjoyed your news and Higgings Pictures. I wish you well and hope to meet again soon. Debbie de Spon

  8. Cleopiti

    Hello Penny,
    Sorry for you, Sorry for England, but what could we do against Brexit ?
    The World is crazy but we can crocheting and make lovely things so we must KEEP CALM and make lovely things.
    This summer, we shall (my sister and my) go to Scotland, we love England, Wales, Brexit don’t change that !
    With all my sympathy.
    Cleopiti from FRANCE

  9. Toffeeapple

    As long as there will always be Higgins my world will be complete. I say this as a person who generally, dislikes dogs but – well – Higgins is so special.

    I am so sorry that the break is affecting you; I did vote to remain and I hope that things will come right for you soon.

    Hugs to all. xxx

  10. pennygj Post author

    Thank you for your message, you have been around for a lot of my blogging journey which is lovely. Yes, Higgins is definitely special, my little ray of sunshine! Xx

  11. pennygj Post author

    Thank you, Cleopiti. Yes, it would be a better world if all the makers of lovely things were in charge! Xx

  12. pennygj Post author

    Thank you, Debbie. I hope to be back with some more news ans creativity soon xx

  13. pennygj Post author

    Thanks for your good wishes, Christina. I’m so sorry that you have lost Sophie. I know what a big hole will be left in your life xx

  14. pennygj Post author

    Thank you Alison, I’m glad you liked the yarns as much as me. All the best to you x

  15. christinalfrutiger

    Thank-you Penny…yes, she was dearly loved and we will always miss her. Looking at that sweet face of Higgins makes me teary because they look so much alike.
    On a brighter note…if you are on FB…look up Caruso the celebrity dachshund and see the real Easter bunny! It will definitely bring a smile if not a LOL! Have you heard of Caruso? He lives in Canada and makes the whole world smile! 🙂

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