A Postcard from Wales

Hello, my lovelies!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break and didn’t eat too much chocolate. We did…I feel a spot of dieting will be in order after our hols.

As my iPad is on hand, and the Wifi isn’t too bad, I’m writing my latest post in sunny Wales and share some of my holiday snaps. It’s so beautiful here.  This is the view from the conservatory of the cottage we are staying in.With the door open, all you can hear is the sound of birdsong, interspersed with chickens, the cockerel, geese and ducks and occasionally, Dylan the sheepdog. Over the hill there are sheep……and lambs!  I’m afraid I’m just a bit soppy about lambs but I don’t think Higgins would be too impressed if I took one home.The hills been rather a strain on my poor flatlander legs but we’ve found some beautiful places to walk and my head is filled with the colours of Spring.  This time of year there are so so many shades of green as the new leaves start to open, and Wales is particularly blessed with spring flowers.  The fields are golden with the bees’ favourite, dandelions and the woods are carpeted with bluebells.  I’ve never seen so many wood anenomes which spring up along the roadside… …and the gardens are full of blossom.Having decided that my latest crochet project was too big to bring, it was absolutely necessary for me to find a yarn shop (or two) for supplies to keep me busy in the evenings.  So, I started with some super chunky and a pair of e-NOR-mous needles which was super fast to knit…Which meant an expedition to find another wool shop (I have a long suffering husband!) Abergavenny came up trumps with The Wool Croft, and an irresistible half price offer on this gorgeous Louisa Harding wool/silk blend…There are so many different hues in this yarn, every row has a different flavour!

I’ll be home next week, feeling refreshed and full of ideas so I’m looking forward to being back here with you.

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18 thoughts on “A Postcard from Wales

  1. veggiemummy

    Looks like you’ve struck gold with that cottage; what beautiful scenery. All that and yarn shops too! xx

  2. Toffeeapple

    You are in my home country and in the South where I am from. It used not to be so pretty because of all the mines and the slag-heaps but it is much improved now.

  3. Lilly's Mom

    That scenery is amazing! Looks like you’re having a great time. And, I love your knitting projects. May I ask the color/name of that beautiful blue yellow yarn you’re using? My best to you, Pat xx

  4. Sue

    Oh my word, all that green is amazing. And those brilliant yellow fields. And the darling lamb! I’m reading “The Shepherd’s Life” right now – a great book and very educational. Now I know what the coloured marks on the sheep are for. And that they’re called smit marks. 🙂

    It’s so fun to go yarn shopping on vacation, isn’t it? That pastel yarn is absolutely dreamy, and perfect for spring. I recently saw a sample of the same scarf pattern made up at a craft store in Madison, but the colours weren’t nearly as pretty as yours.

    I hope you and yours are all doing well! Give Higgins a pat from me.

  5. pennygj Post author

    Hello Sue, Higgins is very well although the weather has turned colder again and all he wants to do is lurk under a blanket until the sun comes out! I shall look out for that book, it sounds right up my street. Hope you are well too xx

  6. pennygj Post author

    I’ve been looking for some stork scissors for a while and found these in @tigerstores really cheaply. But they work, and look cute! xx

  7. pennygj Post author

    I’m loving knitting the yarn, the colours are surprising me at each row. Just not enough hours in the day though! xx

  8. pennygj Post author

    Hi Lilly’s Mom, the yarn is in two colourways, 131 and 136 and it’s Amitola by Louisa Harding. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? and the same colours as the Welsh spring landscape. xx

  9. pennygj Post author

    My husband is from Newport and I am from just over the Bristol Channel near Portishead so it feels very much like home to us still. It’s really beautiful, especially at this time of year. xx

  10. pennygj Post author

    No, he couldn’t come this time but went to stay with some his favourite people and was thoroughly spoilt! xx

  11. christinalfrutiger

    Ooops that was supposed to be a smiley face! 🙂
    What beautiful work you do!

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