The Merry Month of May

Merry Month of MayMay is my favourite month, full of promise and optimism.  Here in Norfolk the hedgerows are bursting with new leaves and blossom and it won’t be long before the verges are frothy with Queen Anne’s Lace.

Here, in the corner of a field where Planet Penny orbits, there’s a lot going on.  Next month the builders move in to build an extension, which will be wonderful when it is done, and a complete nightmare while it’s underway!  I’m having a little practice today; as I type I have a man in my garden building a greenhouse.  So far I have only had to make one coffee, one tea and one trip to the builders merchants.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about it though.  We live in such a windy spot and so far we’ve had three mini greenhouses and two rotary washing lines mangled by the wind, and the second hand greenhouse I was given was folded flat by Storm Doris before we even got the glass in.

This time my darling OH said we’re getting a really strong one and so what’s going up is one of theseRhino Greenhouse…which as it has been very rudely pointed out to me, I can sit on during the next storm to keep it in place!

So watch out for me putting on my Alys Fowler hat and getting excited about growing things, whilst also doing all sorts of styling with bunting and fairy lights (which is the bit the dear OH is most worried about)

So, talking about flowers, I’ve currently had a bit of an obsession with making paper ones.  What started me off was Mollie Makes’ The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon and  Lia Griffiths tutorial on making paper peonies.  Frankly, it’s not the best obsession for me…all that scissor work really annoys my cranky thumb joint…but I just can’t help it.  An evening spent catching up on TV whilst cutting out the petals, off to bed after rubbing ibuprofen gel on said joint and then a joyful hour the next day with the glue gun and wire making a gorgeous bloom.I’m now eagerly awaiting a delivery of nicer crepe paper, finer and more subtle in colour so watch this space.crepe paper flowerThe magazine has sold out now, but I have a spare copy which I would love to pass on to one of you lovelies out there…big comic relief crafternoon…so just leave a comment and next week I will put all the names into a virtual hat Random Number Generator to find a winner. An opportunity to have a sore thumb just like me, and fill your home with paper flowers. Or to be more sensible and chill out in a pompom beard!

I’ll be back before then though, I have another project to share.

See you soon…x

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15 thoughts on “The Merry Month of May

  1. Lisa W.

    I would love to win this! I love the little dachshund. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Cindy

    Those paper flowers are so pretty! Much better than the ones I have made! But even better how nice that you are getting such a lovely greenhouse to grow real flowers! I would love to have one. We have been building our house, ourselves, for several years. I keep trying to think of a way to add on a conservatory. My Shug says No. 🙁


  3. Lucy

    Oh I’d love a copy. Shopping at Lidl or Aldi means I never get to see nice magazunes

  4. Erin

    I’d love to win the magazine – I looked for it in our local shops but couldn’t get a copy. Your peonies look beautiful, I think they were definitely worth the sore thumb joint!

  5. Jenny smith

    Beautiful flowers! If I could make these it may deter the cats from eating them??!! ?

  6. dawn

    I missed getting a copy of that magazine as I was away, so yes totally my own fault for going off to New Zealand and having an amazing time, but selfishly I’d still love a copy. And apart from that, it’s good to have you back posting and good luck with all the building work.

  7. Rachel

    Your flowers are beautiful! I would love to win the book, thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Peeriemoot

    Oh, I’ve got greenhouse envy now – how gorgeous! My parents often sit in their greenhouse to have their coffee in the afternoon, they even removed some of the plants so there’s more space :-). Your paper flowers look fab too. I think the last time I made paper flowers was in primary school, maybe I should have another go..

  9. Toffeeapple

    What exciting times for you Penny, I hope you will post a few pictures whilst the build is ongoing?

    It is all very ‘blossomy’ around here too, which is why I adore May so much, as you do.

    Would it be possible for you to cut the paper with a scalpel instead of the scissors? It would make less pressure on your thumb.

    Please let others have a chance of the magazine, I am pretty sure I should never make anything from it. xx

  10. hannahstitch

    Would love be the one to get the spare copy 🙂 I really love the paper work and its not that because my profession is now sewing, but since my childhood, i love to cut the papers, ofcourse my momy used to tell this. I really love the flowers especially the colors. so so good. I am going to try the same colors for my dining table. For the dried arrangement i have also tried seed pods, fern leaves, certain weeds and grasses. Thanks again for sharing this post, I will share once i will done with same color combinations

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