A Word for 2018 – CHALLENGE!

Hello, my lovelies, I hope you have had a wonderful, fabulous Christmas.  I have to say I think this one for me has been one of the best ever, so I want to take that forward into the next year.  I have been mulling over my word for 2018 for several days, and it presented itself to me about twenty minutes ago whilst I was peeling potatoes!


this is what I have to do to myself on a daily basis with lots of things. M.E. doesn’t make life easy.  But there are other challenges I can rise to which might well make a difference.  I love this quote…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
 Henry Ford

So I’m going to challenge myself to change things.  One of those challenges is going to be fighting the perfectionism which has stopped me writing my blog, posting on Instagram and quite a few other things which I’ll write about in days to come.

Do you have a word for the coming year?

I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime…



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16 thoughts on “A Word for 2018 – CHALLENGE!

  1. Toffeeapple

    How good to see you here Penny! I wish you, your family and dear Higgins a very Happy New Year. I look forward to reading you more in 2018.

  2. Sue

    I too struggle with the crippling effects of perfectionism. Here’s to casting off the shackles and posting freely in 2018!

    A very happy New Year to you and yours, Penny. Give Higgins a pat from me. 🙂

  3. Lisa Fishbourne

    Dear Penny POSITIVITY is my word for 2018. With so much negativity in the world it’s important to focus on the good in our lives, however small and keep those thoughts uppermost. 2017 is behind us and the future is ours to shape. Look forward to your next post. Happy new year.

  4. ginaferrari

    Happy new year Penny. I know exactly what you mean about perfectionism, being the same myself, but I’m gradually learning that it is our imperfections and making mistakes that make us more interesting. Very much looking forward to reading more on your blog x

  5. Cleopiti

    Happy New Year Penny, for you and your family and Higgins, of course !

    I wish you a year filled with sweetness, kindness to you, that 2018 sees your dreams grow and that day after day, happiness fills your heart and your home.
    Perfection does not exist, Penny and that’s how we are all perfectible and out of his comfort zone forces us to always do our best.


  6. pennygj Post author

    Thank you, Cleopiti, for your beautiful wishes for the new year, I wish you the same xxx

  7. pennygj Post author

    Happy New Year to you, Gina. It’s amazing how good we are at making life difficult for ourselves isn’t it?! xx

  8. pennygj Post author

    A great word to work with, Lisa, I absolutely agree we need more positivity in our lives, there’s always something in everyday to bring a little sparkle if you look for it. Happy New Year x

  9. pennygj Post author

    Hello Sue, let’s do it! Higgins sends a loud ‘woof’, and I’m saying Happy New Year! x

  10. pennygj Post author

    Oh yes, and sometimes it’s hard to come by! I hope you achieve it, and your M.E. isn’t to much of a trial. Happy New Year x

  11. pennygj Post author

    Hello, nice to see you too! Thanks for your good wishes, and a very Happy New Year to you too xx

  12. Faith

    I hadn’t thought about a word until reading your post, but how about creativity….I like challenge too…2018 is most welcome and I’m looking forward to all the exciting adventures, learning, challenges and creativity ahead ?

  13. Suzi Grant

    Happy New Year, belatedly Penny, from Goa where I have just walked along the beach at sundown. Brilliant blog. And my word just came whilst I was reading it SPACE ’cause I don’t have the energy I thought I had (you’ll understand that one!) and intend to make space for the important things in life, such as family & friends, health and life, rather than worrying about Instagram figures and beating myself up for not doing a blog for a while! Glad I am not alone. We are a growing band. xx

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